Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker Review

Oct 3, 2018 | Grills, Reviews

Electric grills and smokers are a relative newcomer to outdoor cooking. In 2005, Rick Davidson founded Smoke Hollow. Due to the team’s combined experience, they produced some of the best smokers and grills in the industry. With that said, in September 2017 the brand Masterbuilt acquired them.

Chances are if you’ve been looking for an electric smoker you have likely come across the Masterbuilt 30/40 inch box smokers. Masterbuilt is a great brand and has strong roots in electric smokers and devices. This is great news if you’re looking for Smoke Hollow as they can bring a lot to the Smoke Hollow brand and provide extra know how. Basically, you get the best of both worlds, two established brands that live and breath BBQ.

Smoke Hollow 30162E Electric Smoker

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The Smoke Hollow electric smoker is a simple unit to use. It comes with 3 temperature settings, 2 cooking spaces plus a rather traditional black enamel finish. This electric smoker might just be the product for those who want the electric convenience, without breaking the bank.

Cooking space measures about 1.9 cubic feet. That’s quite good for an electric smoker and should be enough for most meats. It also weighs a modest 47.2 pounds and comes with a decent set of carrying handles on each side – this is one smoker with a decent level of portability. Granted you probably aren’t going to be moving a smoker much, but it’s nice in case you want to smoke in a different location.

One of the benefits of running an electric smoker is the ease of setup. There’s some light assembly required out of the box, with the legs and handles. Thankfully, Smoke Hollow is known for their quality so you’ll discover easy to align parts and an instruction book that’s easy to follow.

It took me 30 minutes to get the unit set up for preseasoning which is about right for a smoker at this level.

A notable drawback is that the electrical lead is woefully small! If you were to buy this smoker, I would get a decent extension cable to run into an outlet.


The Smoke Hollow should give a reason to consider electric smoking. It’s easy to achieve temperature, lightweight and crosses that gap between gas grills – which are often quite a bit heavier and require a propane tank.

There are negatives to electrical grill life though, namely the fact you need access to an outlet. With that said, energy consumption is still much lower than that of a gas smoker.

Energy use and mains power aside, the Smoke Hollow certainly came up with the goods as far as taste is concerned. Basically, if you have your heart set on electric and you want a model to try electric smoking out, this is a great budget option.

Billy Stewart

Chef and Reviewer for

Barbeque Smoked

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