Smoke Hollow 38202G Review

Oct 2, 2018 | Reviews

The Smoke Hollow 38202g is a beautifully designed smoker that will make a great addition to your cooking festivities.

The look of it is enough to spark your interest. Contrary to many other gas smokers out there, Smoke Hollow 38202g is not bulky at all. It is made of steel, so you do not have to worry about breaking it.

Still, the best part of this smoker is the fact that it can reach high temperatures in a matter of minutes. Because of this, you can forget about sitting next to it and babysitting the meat.

Nevertheless, let’s look at some of the notable features.

Smoke Hollow 38202g Gas Smoker

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Before we give our final verdict about the Smoke Hollow 38202g Gas Smoker, let’s look at some of its features.

Smoke Hollow 38202g comes with 3.4 cubic feet cabinet capacity. This is one of the largest propane smokers at this price point. There are also 4 chrome plated cooking grids that are adjustable to your specific smoking needs. These can also be removed and hooks for hanging meat like sausage can be used.

Smoke Hollow uses liquid propane at 20,000 BTUs. The propane burner will help you get a consistent temperature needed for perfectly cooked meat. It comes with a simplified ignition system – you only need to the push a button to start.

When it comes to the doors, you will be happy to know that this smoker comes with a two-door system. This means that you can check your water pan and wood chips without letting heat out of the main smoking chamber.

Another great feature is the upper and lower vents and the external temperature gauge. The vents are there in order to control the temperature of the smoker. Once you get it to the right temperature, it will stay there for a long time. Like most propane smokers, these can be susceptible to weather and temperature fluctuations. It’s important to try and keep it in a place where wind can’t affect the smoker. They also make an insulator in case you need one.


We all want our meat to be as juicy as possible. While gas grills and smokers often leave little to be desired, you can’t go wrong with this propane smoker. The price is right, and you get ample space for smoking. It’s somewhat unfair to judge the temperature fluctuations on gas smokers as they are normally susceptible to these problems. Luckily, they make a cover to make that problem non-existent.


Billy Stewart

Chef and Reviewer for

Barbeque Smoked

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