Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker Review

Nov 9, 2017 | Reviews

Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker

Our Rating:  [usr 4.8]
Built in Thermometer  
Fuel Source Charcoal
Material Porcelain-enameled steel
Size 14-22 Inch

Do you find yourself worn out too often by a lack of diversity on your platter? Did you have your fill of dry, flavorless meat? Tired of the mess its preparation leaves often behind?

But how is one to go about finding the perfect solution? Where is one supposed to look? Which features bring out the best in your meals?

Well, look no further than Weber’s 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 18-Inch Charcoal Smoker.  This unique smoker proves a fitting candidate.

Introducing the Weber Smokey Mountain

What sets Weber Smokey Mountain apart from similar products?


Let’s dive into the basics first. The specific one we reviewed was the 18-Inch edition, measuring 21 by 19 by 41 inches. The smoker guarantees a homey, smoke-house flavor right at your fingertips. Juicy, flavorful slices of meat smoke, steam and grill to perfection one meal at a time.

Additionally, the Weber Smokey Mountain offers the ability to prepare multiple meals, at the same time.


Time consumption is now a thing of the past with the revolutionary Weber Smokey Mountain. Get the most out of your temperature control–every part of the grill is shaped to perfection. It is designed to fit like a glove and provide the very best for your every cooking endeavor.

Rusting and burn-off no longer present an inconvenience with the Weber Smokey Mountain. A weather-resistant, glass-reinforced nylon handle is on the center of the lid, which allows for safe and incredibly easy removal.

Tamper with the heat to your heart’s desire with a simple flick of the rust-resistant aluminum dampers. Located at both the lid, and the bottom of the bowl—these dampers allow for easy temperature control throughout the cooking process.

In addition to the aluminum lids, a built-in monitoring thermometer ensures easy heat regulation. A rust-resistant aluminum fuel door found on the back of the Weber, makes the process of adding additional fuel a true breeze.

The smoker has two individual, spacious cooking areas, each providing more than enough space for a sizable meal. Reinforced with heavy-duty plated steel cooking grates, your meat, fish, poultry and more certainly receive the most exclusive cooking treatment.


Look no further for more utility to come with the innovative Weber Smokey Mountain. The charcoal-powered smoker comes with the following additions.

  • Black premium Smoker cover, included with the Smoker itself, comprised of heavy-duty vinyl, offering a full-length cover to your very own Weber Smokey Mountain.
  • The Weber Original Instant-Read Thermometer, ensuring optimal precision in measuring inside cooking temperature within the grill.
  • The Cuisinart CSG-900 Wireless Dual Probe Grilling Thermometer serves to enhance your cooking prowess even further, with detailed heat reading and regulation.


If your desires include a cozy, relaxed cooking tempo, or perhaps to finish multiple meals in one exciting cooking, the Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain is sure not to disappoint your every grilling need. Do you have cravings for true, smokehouse flavors yet a lack of time and patience for the mess that comes with more traditional endeavors? This charcoal-fueled smoker is ready to not leave you wanting for more than what you bargained for. It’s compact, practical and a true time-saver for those that place their wishes on both quality and quantity alike.

The Weber Smokey Mountain provides you and your loved ones with the perfect slices of carefully prepared meals in no small quantity—grilling, boiling, sizzling and steamed to perfection. As a final testament to its quality, a 10-year warranty is included to ensure that the most is gotten out of your juicy outdoor barbecues, while you yourself kick back, relax, and let the Weber Smokey Mountain do its magic.

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