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Jun 14, 2017 | Reviews

46510001 Spirit E310

Our Rating:  [usr 4.5]
Electronic Crossover ignition system  
Stainless Steel Burners  
Cooking Surface 424 sq/inch
Price $$$

Weber is a manufacturer of quality grills and have been making them for years. Based in America, you’ll also be buying a grill with great customer support.

I’d been testing the E310 during my Weber grill shootout. It scored highly in that test so I wanted to give it a more thorough review.


The E310 comes with a 3-burner setup and 424 square inches if cooking space.  It also comes with another 105 square inches of “warming space”, a great feature for cooks who can never get their timings right!

If you don’t think you’ll use all three burners, there’s also a 2-burner model that’s quite a bit smaller – perfect for small patios and yards.

A temperature gauge is located on the hood of the grill and it also comes with a pretty neat fuel gauge to tell you when to change bottles.

The two burner model costs £400, and you’ll need to add another $100 to upgrade to the 3-burner version.

Setting It Up

Both models come with a superb set of instructions and it should take too long to figure out how everything goes together. The E310 is a pretty traditional gas grill, so there’s no strange fitments or features to scratch your head over.

Even if you do run into trouble, Weber has awesome USA based customer service so you’ll never be too far away from help.

The E310 weighs 114 pounds for the 2-burner model and 130 for the 3-burner. This is obviously ignoring the gas cylinder, add another 5-10 pounds for a full canister.

It’s not difficult to move around thanks to a decent set of wheels underneath the grill. These are quite small though, so you’ll need to be careful over uneven ground.

In Use

One of the things that Weber impressed me with on the E310 is the temperature control. The dials have a very fine gradient, which means you’ll have quite a degree of control over everything.

Weber state a temperature range of 180 degrees right up to 300+ degrees. As this is a gas grill I can’t see why it shouldn’t be able to shoot right past the 300 mark, especially the 3-burner model.

As is common to all gas grills, the E310 has an electronic ignition system and since we’re talking about a Weber, it should give many years of trouble free use.

It’s worth pointing out that the cooking space isn’t the same for the 2 and 3-burner versions. The 2-burner comes with 360 square inches of cooking space and a 90-inch warming zone, whilst the 3-burner version boasts 424 and 105 inches respectively.

I tested the full 3-burner model and the cooking space was very generous. I could see myself easily catering for 10-15 people with ease. Perhaps you’ll need to dial that back to 10 if you opt for the 2-burner model.

To give the grill a good test, I cooked ribs and burgers. When I tested this grill a few weeks back, I added sausages to the mix too; this review was a family only affair so I needed less food.

The gas grill really pumps out the heat, so you should be able to cookout efficiently and keep the food flowing easily. The side tables are of a decent size, and to allow a bit of freedom to prepare some foods before placing them on the grill.

One thing that always pleases me with Weber grills, is the stainless steel and porcelain coated exterior of all their grills. The E310 is no different in that respect, and it was a joy to use. The gas system is also easy to use and probably a safe bet if you don’t grill outside that much.


The 3-burner model is too big to be carrying about, so I’ll park that review for now. However, the 2-burner grill just about hits that 100 pounds’ limit where you’ll be able to move this on your own.

The wheels are good, and as you’d expect from Weber, there’s plenty of handles to allow you to shuffle the grill along.

As the E310 is at the upper limit (over if we’re being pedantic) of the 100 pounds’ limit, you won’t want to move this grill over uneven ground or boggy grass.

In an ideal situation, you’ll want to roll this grill from your garage, to the patio and back again – no more.

Round Up

I really like Weber and their range of gas grills. They do a decent job and all will give your meat that all important “grill mark”. The build quality is superb and I couldn’t find fault with the fit and finish of the unit.

Gas control is as easy to setup as you’d expect, plus the temperature gauge is quick to react and let you know what’s really going on inside the cooking area.

There’s not that must price difference between the 2 and 3-burner models. At $100, you can pretty much make your decision based on what you’ll be doing with your grill. The 2 burner is perfectly acceptable, and has all the same features of the 3-burner – save for burners and a decrease in cooking space.

The 2-burner model could be a great buy if you’re looking to a grill in a confined yard or patio area. I looked at the two-burner model myself and it’s a slim design.

The only negative I can come up with is the overall price. At $400 – $500, it’s obviously much more than grills from Char Griller or Dyna Glo. The only thing I can say about the price is that it comes down to how much grilling you do. If you only grill a handful of times a year, you’ll likely find the Weber a waste of money. However, if you spend lots of time eating outside and want a grill that you’ll get plenty of use from, it makes sense to get one that will serve you well.

The E310 is all that and more!

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