Traeger Junior Elite Pellet Smoker Review

Nov 11, 2017 | Reviews

Traeger Junior Elite Pellet Grill

Our Rating:  [usr 3.7]
Hopper Capacity 8 lbs
Weight 60 lbs
Cooking Surface 300 sq/inch
Price $$

Once upon a time, when we only had two companies to choose from, Traeger was the go-to grill expert. Nowadays, we are a bit spoiled and it is tough to pick out the right grill for our needs.

However, technology is always changing, so today we have tested out the Traeger Junior Elite. This smoker is an updated compact version of the Junior Pellet Smoker, a well-known Traeger product.

Let’s see what the Traeger Junior Elite features and how it compares to other smokers and grills.

Product Overview

Marketed as the original wood-pellet grill, Junior Elite is a dream come true for all the men out there who are sick and tired of using gas or charcoal grills.

What Junior Elite offers is a form of rather flexible cooking. You can heat the grill up just how you want it by using the new digital thermostat it comes with. This will allow you to make the most delicious dishes, without actually breaking a sweat.

Another interesting thing about this smoker is that is a 6-in-1 product. This is great news for all those amateur chefs that are looking for a way to enhance their cooking skills.

Furthermore, the sturdy construction of this petite smoker is something that would come in handy when travelling, tailgating and even camping.


Let’s start with the basics. What sparked our interest the most is the compactness of the Traeger Junior Elite.

It weighs only 60 pounds and the size is quite modest as well. However, don’t think that this affects its performance. While it may be a smaller type of a smoker, this is an advantage for the casual barbecuer. You can move around, and your smoker can come with you.

However, even though transporting it is easy, you have to bear in mind the disadvantage. This means that you will have a bit less space to grill. Still, it should be quite enough for a weekend barbecue.

Traeger Junior Elite is an updated version of its predecessor, the Junior Pellet Smoker. However, Traeger changed some of the design details, including the 3-position controller.

Out with the old, in with the new, as they say. Because of this modification, Junior Elite easily maintains the temperature. Furthermore, you can always modify it with the new digital temperature control module. Remember, the 3-position controller offered only low, medium and high temperature.

It is also important to mention the on/off switch Junior Elite has. A great surprise indeed for many barbecuers, this switch replaces all the fire starters or matches. There are no complicated starting up processes, so that way there is a higher degree of safety.

The versatility is one of the most important features when it comes to Traeger Junior Elite. While it may not be the biggest grill out there, it offers many possibilities. You can use it for smoking, roasting, baking and grilling. Moreover, it is fairly easy to clean, so you can expect to spend far less time scrubbing it.

Apart from the clean-up system, the Junior Elite also features a porcelain coated grate and the four wheels for moving around. On top of that, the convection blower it comes with will make sure that all your steaks cook evenly and to perfection.

The Verdict

Traeger Junior Elite is a great addition to your home if you are looking for something small, yet versatile in every way possible.

While it may not be as powerful looking as the others, Junior Elite offers a lot more than a regular smoker. The features are, overall, easily adaptable, which is why the possibilities are endless, and wood pellets are relatively cheap.

Therefore, if you are currently thinking of replacing your smoker, this might be one of the most valuable solutions there are. You will be smoking up a storm in no time.

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