Tappecue Thermometer Review

Dec 1, 2017 | Reviews

tappecue thermometer

Tappecue Meat Thermometer

Our Rating:  [usr 3.8]
Free Tappecue App
Four Temperature Probes  
Temperature Range
0 F to 572 F
Internal Anttenae Range
180 feet


Cooking the meat flawlessly every time is hard if you do not have the opportunity to check the temperature yourself. If you are someone who enjoys barbecuing as much as any other man, then you know what we are talking about.

Sure, there is the Bluetooth option, but wouldn’t it be great if you could leave your house while the meat is cooking? That is what the manufacturers of Tappecue had in mind as well.

This little gadget is a favorite among amateur and professional barbecuers, and there are many reasons why. Luckily, we are here to give you all the information about this innovative product.

Product Overview

tappecue-packageSo, what is Tappecue exactly? Well, for starters, it is a gadget that will make your life easier if you are into barbecuing.

Tappecue is a temperature measuring device that allows you to check the temperature in the grill chamber from afar. It works through an app that you download to your phone, and the app is the one that alerts you about the temperatures. The thermometer also has an internal antennae with an 180 ft range if Wi-Fi isn’t around.

It is a gadget that looks like it would do the same thing as any thermometer, but it turns out that it is so much more than that. Not only does it allow you to know the temperature without lifting a foot – but you can check it from anywhere.


Let’s talk about some of the features that come with Tappecue.

This thermometer works through Wi-Fi, so make sure your mobile device has access to the internet. You also do not have to worry about networks. Tappecue works just fine with both secured and unsecured networks.

The app itself is a rather simple one to use, but you need an iPhone or an Android to download it. Tappecue still does not work on Windows phone.

Furthermore, it comes with four probes that you can customize so that they monitor the chamber or food temperatures.

How it works

Although this product does not seem like much at first glance, all the magic happens once you download the app.

When you set up the probes, you can download the application Tappecue needs in order for it to work. Once that’s done, there is a routine setup that you have to follow through. You can select the meat or fish for each probe and then set the temperature range at the last step.

If you feel that the temperature is getting too high or too low, you can always change it. Checking the temperature on all probes is easy because there is a tab that shows you all of them at once.

And that is pretty much it. Your phone will alert you about the temperatures throughout the whole cooking process. So, you won’t even have to worry about it at all.

If you have friends over, there is a feature for them as well. The app has a Guest mode that they can use so that they could check the temperatures and see when the food will be ready.

Finally, once you have cooked everything, Tappecue sends you an email. That email contains a file in a CSV format that you can open in Excel and see how your cooking process went. It might not seem much at first but think about it. That is invaluable information if you want to analyze how long it takes to cook different types of meat or fish.


If you are a passionate barbecuer that enjoys his meat just as much as he enjoys his free time, then Tappecue might be what you need.

It replaces you as the barbecue watchdog so that you could do something else while the meat is cooking. And, if that were not enough, it prompts you to check the temperature at just the right moment. Thus, it ensures the quality and juiciness of the meat every time you use it.

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