Stok Quattro Four Burner Gas Grill Review

Jul 13, 2017 | Reviews

Stok Quattro 4 Burner Gas Grill

Our Rating:  [usr 2.9]
4 Burners 
STOK Insert System 
Cooking Surface600 sq/inch
Max BTUs48,000

Stok, are a popular brand of grill manufacturer and have been making them for almost 15 years. They have quite a reputation for well-made grills that look modern, plus a penchant for using bright colours!

The Stock Quatro, is a reasonably large grill with about 600 square inches of cooking space. It’s also a handsome looking thing, covered in stainless steel and orange enamelled steel.


With 600 square inches of cooking space, you should be able to cater for at least 20 people. The entire cooking area is encased with porcelain coated steel and the hood is just the same. A temperature gauge is fitted to the front of the hood, whilst the gas control knobs run across the front – one control per burner.

There are two grill units and a pizza stone included with the grill. These slot into the cooking area to give you a wider amount of cooking options.

Setting It Up

It goes without saying that you should be careful setting up any gas appliance! It took me about half an hour to get the grill unboxed, assembled and to the point where I could light her up. If you’ve used a gas grill before there’s nothing here that will scare you, it’s all pretty straightforward stuff.

Quality appears very high with the Stok. What little assembly I had to complete was easy, thanks to well-designed components that slow together nicely. The grill hood was a joy to piece together and really seals in the cooking area well – something you don’t always get!

My only real problem, is the thickness of certain stainless steel parts. I’ll talk about that issue and what you should do to protect your Stor grill later.

The weight of the Stok is about 110 pounds, this is without gas bottles attached of course so expect that weight to go up another 5 to 10 pounds when you load it up with canisters. That’s particularly heavy, so moving the grill shouldn’t be an issue.

In Use

The Stok is a pretty special grill. The pizza stone, griddle and grill give you huge flexibility in what you can cook, and will lead to some interesting party foods! The Stok comes with a tool to take out each cooking accessory, even whilst hot, and slot it back in again.

These features seem to be well made, which is a relief because sometimes these great ideas are simply gimmicks. In this case, I think they’ll be a great addition to any cook out.

As with most gas grills, the Stok comes with electronic ignition, so you’ll only need to connect your gas bottle to get up and running quickly. Warm up time is quick too, a few minutes should get the grill up to 250 degrees with ease.

To give the grill a test, I cooked chicken wings, thighs and ribs. As you’d expect from a gas grill, it’s easy to keep the temperature constant. That’s the benefit of a gas grill and what’s worth forgoing that smoky flavour.

The thick griddle cooking area is great for getting those grill marks, and the cook space itself is well insulated by the porcelain coated steel.

The only major problem with the Stok Quatro, is the long-term longevity of the grill. Some online reviews have mentioned rusts starting to appear after a season or two. Looking after the grill, I don’t think the issue is with the porcelain coated internal parts, these are made of quite a thick steel.

Instead, I think that those stainless-steel parts might not be quite as well coated as you’d think. Some of the panels do appear a little thin – and more susceptible.

My advice, would be to keep this grill indoors when you’re not using it. As with any grill, if you keep it outside in wet or wintery conditions, you’ll likely begin to see corrosion issues. Other review mentions checking the assembly screws and bolts first thing in the summer.

Personally, I felt that the bolts included with the grill appeared of a pretty high quality, they all looked stainless. Even so, I would heed that advice and take good care of your Stok Quatro.


The Stok Quatro is lightweight, regardless of a gas canister being fitted or not. It’s also quite easy to roll across smooth surfaces, thanks to a set of four wheels. Unfortunately, those same wheels are hopelessly small in comparison to many outdoor grills. This makes moving the grill over anything more than a flat patio a real problem.

This is a grill that’s overtly designed to be used in gardens, travelling from the garage to the back yard as far as you’d want to push it!

I have heard about issues with the small wheels breaking over time, so it makes sense to try and take good care of them.

Round Up

After using the Stok Quatro for a week, I realized just how easy to use and well made the grill is. The electronic ignition and temperature control are easy to get to grips with, while the cooking space is well setup. When compared to the other propane and gas grills we reviewed, I don’t think this one is up to snuff.

Build quality seems good, although long term users have mentioned corrosion issues and broken wheels. As I said before, you’ll want to use this grill in your garden, before tucking it back inside your garage during wet weather.

I think the Stok Quatro is a decent grill, especially for the price point. Features are good and although there do appear to be some quality niggles, you should be able to protect your Quatro and get many years use out of it.


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