CanCooker Jr. Review: Perfect Travel Pot?

CanCooker was inspired by an old tradition of cooking in a cream can. Cream can cooking basically means you fill a 10-gallon can up with fresh vegetables and sausages or meat, add water and put it on top of an open flame. CanCooker has picked up this idea and adapted... read more

Smoke Hollow 38202G Review

The Smoke Hollow 38202g is a beautifully designed smoker that will make a great addition to your cooking festivities. The look of it is enough to spark your interest. Contrary to many other gas smokers out there, Smoke Hollow 38202g is not bulky at all. It is made of... read more

Char-Griller Akorn: Kamado On a Budget?

Kamado grills are a modern version of ancient clay cooking pots found in the Far East. These grills are quite popular in the grilling/smoking industry. While they are popular they also boast a hefty price tag. The Char-Griller Akorn looks to change that by offering a... read more

Best Wok Burner: Restaurant Quality, Outdoors!

My family is a big fan of Asian foodie experiences; Whether that be cooking at home in a Wok, or going out to enjoy Hibachi at a Japanese steak-house. The issue with both of these is that an indoor Wok won’t do the cooking any justice because your range isn’t made for... read more

Traeger Pro Series 22 Review

For those that haven’t been introduced to Traeger, it’s one of the originals in the pellet grilling community. Joe Traeger even owned the patent on pellet-fired grills until 2005. Likely when you think of these types of grills they are the first thing that... read more

Tappecue Review: Perfect Grill Thermometer?

The Tappecue was invented by Innovating Solutions, which has its roots in Kansas City. It’s no wonder the product has so much to offer, as KC is possibly the BBQ capital of the world. The Tappecue is a favorite among amateur and professional barbecuers, and... read more

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