Louisiana Grill Review: Worth the Price Tag?

Dec 3, 2017 | Reviews

Louisiana Grills LG900

Louisiana Grills LG 900 Pellet Grill

Our Rating:  [usr 3.5]
Temperature Range 170°F hot smoke to 600°F
Cooking Surface 913 sq/inch
Material 14-gauge steel

Are your grilling sessions unable to keep up with the modern times? Does your grill limit you to simple roasting, which leaves you with a desire for greater variety? Do you keep buying all manners of fuel, in hopes of acquiring a smoky, homely taste to your meals?

Well, search no longer for the perfect gadget. One of the best grills out there is sitting in wait, explicitly designed for your needs.

However, with so many grills to choose from, what sets the best apart from the rest? Selecting the perfect specimen is sure to prove a daunting task.

The highly rated and popular Louisiana Grills LG900 Pellet Grill is here with an aim to please you and yours.

Introducing the Louisiana Grills Pellet Grill

What’s this grill all about, you might ask?

The Basics

Kicking things off with the basics, Louisiana Grills differs from the rest on the very first glance. It is easily described as one of the most versatile cooking systems ever created. It allows for excellence in cooking, grilling, smoking, and baking, and is sure to sate even the deepest of appetites.

913 Square Inches of cooking surface — measuring 633 Inches on the main and 280 on the upper surface—allows for simultaneous grilling, baking and more.

Fear for durability? Then fear no longer. Built out of high-quality heavy-duty 14 gage steel, complimented with a powder finish, you can keep on roasting fearlessly. Furthermore, porcelain cast iron main grids, accompanied by a porcelain steel removable upper cooking rack ensure further sturdiness and safety. They’re light, easy to handle and get the job done like no other. The Louisiana Grills LG900 Pellet Grill is the first in its line to implement this innovative, dispensable upper grid.


Because of the cooking mentioned above, the prospect of dual, simultaneous grilling has never sounded as alluring. Grill in the back of your yard for your neighbors while preparing a dessert for your kids at the same time. Convection heat makes all of this possible—without hurting the quality of your firewood-flavored meat.

The Digital Control Center and Lid Thermometer guarantee excellence in even temperature regulation and monitoring while you cook. Adding to this, the fuel of hardwood pellets reserves the delicious taste of your food exclusively for you.

The Louisiana Grills LG900 offers a temperature range of 170-600 degrees, with a meat probe guaranteeing perfect heat control. With adjustable side-plate flame broilers, say goodbye to steakhouse trips—now you can sear steak and fish like never before.

Handling a grill is now as simple as can be. Featuring four casters for smooth movement, a sturdy handle offering a firm grip and solid legs, durability is unquestionable.

The superb temperature and heat regulation system are there to have you serve your meals with a perfect doneness.

Cleaning becomes a breeze due to the convenient, removable upper cooking rack. Due to this, you will spend less time on rinsing away past feasts, and look forward to more to come.

Final Thoughts

If you strive for culinary excellence and the latest technology to achieve the same, then the Louisiana Grills LG900 is the perfect candidate. Thus, waste no more time with less cleaning, show off your multi-tasking prowess with dual cooking—and more! You will be surprised at how comfortable and convenient your life will become, with this champion in your backyard. The cuisine that comes from the Louisiana Grills Wood Pellet Grill will make for some mouthwatering sights and aromas. Because of all of the above, you’ll be looking forward to cooking more and more in the future to come!

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My dad is a true mans man, and has owned a number of grills. Ranging from gas to charcoal. Growing up with him allowed me to see what different types of rubs, spices, brines, etc went into making the best BBQ. Although my dad was a truck driver, and I had a degree in Information Technology I knew that I wanted to do something about grilling and our recipes.  That’s where Barbeque Smoked comes in.


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