Landmann Smoky Mountain Smoker Review

Nov 19, 2017 | Reviews

Landmann 3495GLA Smoky Mountain Smoker Review

Our Rating:  [usr 3.8]
Dimensions 43.25 x 21 x 18 inches
Weight 52.8 pounds
Cooking Surface 698 sq/inch
BTU 13,500

Finding an excellent, yet reasonably priced gas smoker is sometimes quite tricky. There are so many options currently on the market, and it is difficult to pick the best one.

However, the Landmann Smoky Mountain Vertical Gas Smoker seems promising to us. Let’s find out more about its features and how reliable it is.

Product Overview

landmann smoky mountain reviewAlthough it is not the largest gas smoker on the market, the Landmann has many unique features that make up for the lack of space.

First of all, it comes with two drawers that allow you to access the wood chip box or the water pan easily. That way you will not have to open the main doors and lose the temperature. Thus, you will avoid uneven smoking. Many smokers usually do not have such easy access, so this is a huge advantage.

Furthermore, the main doors are magnetic, so they do offer some security, and they should not open at random. However, bear in mind that magnets may not be strong enough. Putting a latch on in the future might be a good idea.

Apart from that, the Landmann Smoky Mountain smoker also comes with four cooking grates and a meat hanger. Even though these grates might not be suitable for cooking bigger racks of ribs, they are chrome plated. That makes them more resistant to damage and rust. And, if the size of the racks bothers you, you can always remove one or two to gain some space.

As far as the design goes, Landmann smoker is a steel, black unit that weighs about 52 pounds. It comes with four legs which are, although on the smaller side, stable enough to support this smoker. However, they do not have wheels, so moving this smoker around could get tricky.

Other features include a rotary igniter and a cast brass burner that will prolong its durability. And, if you are worried that you might have to spend ages assembling it, we have some good news. The construction only lasts about 40 minutes, so you will be smoking your meat in a blink of an eye.

Who can use it?

It is essential to say that this smoker might not be suitable for commercial use. The steel on it is simply not sturdy enough to hold on for too long.

You should also be careful if you are determined to smoke your meat in the backyard. Because it is somewhat lightweight and the legs are short, it might tip over if there is a strong wind.

However, if you are a family man that just wants to throw a barbecue once in awhile, then this smoker might be the right choice for you. The Landmann Smoky Mountain is primarily a family friendly unit that does not take up much space.

Nevertheless, it cannot feed a larger party of people. If you are planning on inviting just a few friends over, then the four racks will be enough. Otherwise, you might want to consider planning out the meat smoking schedule.

Still, the fact that this is a gas smoker, and not a charcoal one, makes up for those little weak points. The cooking process will be shorter, and you will not have to fiddle around with charcoal, making a complete mess. And, let’s not forget that it comes with total temperature control, meaning you do not have to worry whether your meat will burn.


Finding the right gas smoker is somewhat daunting, but there are inexpensive, yet efficient options on the market. The Landmann 3495GLA Smoky Mountain smoker is one of those ‘great value for money’ products. And, if you use it correctly, your meat will come out juicy and delicious every time.

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