KOBE Range Hood Reviews

Apr 26, 2018 | Reviews

KOBE is a California-based manufacturer of kitchen ventilation products. They have been around for almost 20 years, and have continuously provided high-quality products. Their parent company, Tosho & Company, is a Japanese-based brand. They have been around for almost 50 years, and design KOBE’s products. As you will see in this KOBE range hood review, the company provides high-quality solutions. They have high-quality standards and offer innovative styles at attractive prices.

The results of their extensive experience and research are obvious. Their products are innovative, powerful, elegant and easy to use. They also provide a unique, QuietMode function. This well-known feature makes sure you don’t notice the irritating fan noises. ECO Mode, which clears the air of odors, smoke, and oil, without continuously running, thus saving energy, is great. To sum things up, they offer products that meet and exceed the customers’ expectations. Below, you will find mini-reviews of a couple of their products. Those mini-reviews should help you decide whether you should buy one of their products.

KOBE Range Hood

Kobe Brillia Under Cabinet Range Hood

Body Stainless Steel
Noise  Very Quiet
CFM 680
Price $$$

This specific model is an under cabinet range hood. It is made to blend in with whichever cabinets you currently have. The design will look good in a variety of environments. No matter if you have a modern kitchen, or a vintage one, it looks good regardless.

As far as functionality goes, there’s a 680 cubic feet per minute internal blower. This should be sufficient for most medium to high ventilation requirements. There’s the QuietMode function mentioned above, which results in an extremely quiet range hood. You get a choice of three speeds, with mechanical buttons to select with. The baffle filters are dish washer safe, and you can merely wash them instead of constantly replacing them. To sum things up, this specific model will keep your energy bill low, yet fulfill all of your venting needs and requirements. You will get rid of odors and smoke in the air in no time.

KOBE Brillia Range Hood

KOBE Brillia Range Hood

Body Stainless Steel
Noise Very quiet on “QuietMode”
CFM 750
Price $$$

Another under cabinet range hood, this one is a bit more powerful than the previous one. The design is similar, though, and stainless steel construction lets it blend in and look good. And, this is all done no matter which type of kitchen you have as well.

When I say more powerful, I mean 750 cubic feet per minute motor. High ventilation requirements should be absolutely no issue here. Three speeds are selectable here as well, by using the mechanical push buttons. You again, as with all KOBE products, get the QuietMode function. The removable filters are here too.

Finishing up the KOBE range hood review

As you’ve noticed in the two mini-reviews above, KOBE makes some seriously good products. They are often a touch more expensive than the competition. However, the price difference is absolutely worth it. If you’re considering them, you will be hard-pressed to find something better and at a lower price.

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