The 5 Best Beginner Smokers of 2018: Great Options to Learn On

Have you ever smoked meat in the comfort of your own home before? Considering you’re reading this article, we’ll assume the answer is “no.” That’s understandable since not a lot of people even know what smoker to buy. Don’t fret, as this article will cover five... read more

The 5 Best Pellet Grills and Smokers of 2018

When it comes to grills, it’s absolutely imperative to make sure you’re using the best one. After all, you’ve paid for your meat, and you want to prepare it so that it wakes up all your senses and inspires hedonism. Moreover, a pellet grill should help you prepare... read more

The 5 Best Gas/Propane Smoker of 2018

If you enjoy smoking meat, then we’ve got quite a treat for you! We’ve made a list of our top five propane smokers that will make your food taste amazing. Each smoker has some great features, but our top pick is the Smoke Hollow PS4415 pro series 33” propane smoker.... read more

Smallest Barbecue Options: Top Picks of 2018!

Looking for a small barbeque that you can easily pack up and take with you on your camping trip? No problem! Everyone loves a good barbeque when they’re out camping with some friends. Throwing thick steaks on the grill while enjoying the outdoors is the ultimate... read more

Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker Review

Electric grills and smokers are a relative newcomer to outdoor cooking. In 2005, Rick Davidson founded Smoke Hollow. Due to the team’s combined experience, they produced some of the best smokers and grills in the industry. With that said, in September 2017 the... read more

Weber Spirit E310 Review

It’s hard to think about barbecue without bringing up Weber. The brand has been around since the 1950s with the original kettle grill. As technology has progressed, so has Weber. The Weber Spirit E-310 is one of Weber’s most sought-after models. There is a... read more

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