Green Mountain Davy Crocket Pellet Grill Reviews

Jul 24, 2017 | Reviews

Green Mountain Davy Crockett Model

Our Rating:  [usr 4.5]
WiFi Control of Burn  
Natural Wood Pellets  
Cooking Surface 225 sq/inch
Price $$$

For those of you who don’t know, Green Mountain Grills are an extremely popular brand of grill in the States, where they have a brilliant reputation for quality.

I’ve been looking for a decent grill for ages, and although my budget doesn’t quite match up with the Jim Bowie or Daniel Boone models, it certainly can stretch to the Davy Crockett model at $350.

I’ve been giving the Davy Crockett grill a workout recently, taking it to the beach, on a camping trip in Cornwall, England and cooking out in my back yard.

Is the Davy Crockett a decent grill? Read on to find out.


One thing that does impress straight away, are the features available that you wouldn’t really expect on a sub $500 grill. It works on 110V or 12V, has the all-important open flame system that everyone wants, plus it comes with a pretty cool idea called “sense-mate” – a method for monitoring the grill temperature, allowing you to keep your grill just at the right level for cooking.

Whilst talking about the sense mate system, it works via a mobile phone app. I used my iPhone 6 with the review grill and it worked fine. You might have a little trouble setting it up but personally, it took about 10 – 15 minutes to get to grips with it. I loved the way you can control the temperature via the app and equally liked the hopper system that fed the grill gently, keeping the temperature just right.

In my view, that’s all you really need from a decent grill, yet so many just fail to keep everything flowing steadily – a thumbs up for Green Mountain!

Setting It Up

I must say, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect with the Davy Crockett. Some manufacturers build their lower end models from such low-quality parts it really destroys the brand reputation. I bought a few camping stoves from Coleman and the like which suffer the same issue, never again!

With the Green Mountain Grill, there’s no such issue. The entire grill just smacks of quality, each fitment, bolt and adjustment is exactly what you would expect from a marque with a reputation for quality.

One of the cool features of the Davy Crockett, and one I look for in a grill, is a solid folding leg setup. I tend to take my grills everywhere, from camping out to nights by the beach, stability on a variety of surfaces being key. In this respect, the Davy Crocket doesn’t disappoint. It has a set of folding legs that run under the grill lengthways, these legs are skinny enough to sink into beach sand, and solid enough for use on grass or parkland.

Another plus for Mountain Grill, is that these legs are stainless steel and one continuous sealed unit. For those of you who have mild steel grills suffering from “salty beach feet”, you’ll know how life changing this is!

In Use

Pellets for the grill cost about $1.50 per pound (you’ll probably get them for less), and you’ll pretty much complete a full cook out with about 5 pounds. Compare that to traditional firewood or coal briquettes and you can easily see the savings – not to mention the fact pellets are easier to store. Pellet grills are a solid choice for camping, and the Davy Crocket is no different.

The grill really holds its temperature well. The temperature control app works well and it’s possible to keep the grill ticking along all day long. The grill area is quite large considering the price point the Davy Crockett sits in and for my needs it really works well.

To keep the grill smoking away, all you need to do is keep the hopper fed with new pellets. The hopper is simple to use and whilst you’re cooking that’s all the input you need.

The only real negative I can throw the Davy Crocketts way, is the fact the WiFi system and app take a little work to setup for complete tech novices. I can use it perfectly fine, yet it’s probably worth having your first cookout in your back garden so you can find answers to any questions (A Google search will help you so much, the user community is busy and helpful).

For my personal needs (small cookouts and camping/beach trips), the Davy Crockett is perfect; however, it’s obviously not the largest grill you can find out there. If you’re worried about grill size, it might be worth trying to see one in the flesh before making your order.

On one camping trip, I was stupid enough to let the hopper run dry on pellets. Unfortunately, the only way to get back to grilling again is to re-fill the hopper and go through the lighting phase. It’s not too much of a hassle but something to keep in mind; never leave the grill run empty!


The Davy Crockett grill weighs in at 57 pounds. That’s about standard for a small to medium grill so no real surprises here. What is cool though, is the fact the grill can fit into a car boot. Okay, you’re unlikely to cram this grill into something like a Kia Picanto or Ford Fiesta; however, you’ll easily get this bad boy into a Ford Focus or similar.

The folded leg setup also makes a pretty decent carry handle for the grill too. I’m not sure if this was a deliberate design choice by Green Mountain but they work well.

Round Up

If you need a small to medium grill that’s cheap to operate, easy to carry and packing a steady cooking heat, you won’t find much better at this price point. The little Davy Crockett packs a good grill into a small space and for those of you who’ll be cooking out for small gatherings – it should keep up fine.

There are some issues, setting up the auto temperature control and WiFi app can be tricky, although your mileage will vary depending on how tech savvy you are. You might also out-grow this grill if your parties are more than about 7 or 8 people.

However, if you cook out for small groups and value portability rather than sheer size, you won’t go far wrong with the features and quality of Green Mountains entry level grill.

Pros: Green Mountain pack everything you need into a beautifully manufactured, small package.

Cons: Your grandparents and other technophobes will roll-eyes at the mobile phone temperature system. You might also find yourself outgrowing the grill with large family gatherings.

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  1. Is there any video on how to set up the grill I am having problems with the correct way to put in the grease trays and sliding pan.


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