Flame Boss 200 Review

Feb 20, 2018 | Reviews

Flame Boss 200

Wifi Enabled  
Temperature Alarm  
Maximum Temperature 450oF
Price $$$

You ever found yourself in a situation where you have something grilling outside and still busy doing something inside? We all know how boring it can get cutting a conversation to keep going out to check up on the meat. This is where a temperature controller comes in. And what better one than the one that you get to connect directly to your smartphone or tablet and monitor in the comfort of your sit. This is also necessary when you want your meat to smoke overnight without burning or having to check up on it all the time.

This Flame Boss 200 is just the perfect temperature controller for your smoker or grill. It is able to keep the smoker and grill at the temperature that you target while its interface on your device is very easy to use too. Let us check out some of its features and get to understand all its capabilities.

Unboxing and Connection

The process of unboxing this product is a breeze. In case you already have a WiFi connection, all you need to do is search the connection on this controller and connect. It can take you about only five minutes to get the connection right and up and running in no time. Most people are afraid of technology because of its sophisticated nature. However, this is quite straightforward. It literally doesn’t have a learning curve.

This device is quite small and portable with a very high quality. Its outside is coated in a thick silicon film over its stainless steel. This is able to protect it from the high temperature and moisture that it is exposed to. This also prevents it from kinking. It comes with one smoke probe and one meat probe that has a clip at the end. This clip is what you hook to the grate in the smoker. It can only monitor a single pit temperature and one meat temperature. Its meat probe has a bend of 90o which is easy to keep low away from the smoker dome. These probes are good up to 450oF.

Fan installation

When using a charcoal grill, this controller’s fan is what controls the amount of air that gets to the charcoal hence regulating the temperature. From outside, it is made of plastic with a metallic interface that is connected to the smoker. The fan installation to the adapter and to the smoker is the main physical installation needed. The fan is clipped on to an adapter to keep it from falling down.

Connection to WiFi

Connection to WiFi is pretty simple. You need to find a network and connect with the right password. This connects your device to the network of  Flame Boss data collection. You then log in to myflameboss.com on your device and set up the username and the password to verify this connection from your device.

This controller is very small and you can even fit it in your palm of your hands. You can even mount it anywhere using its bracket. However, the power cord and the fan cord can’t go beyond 6 ft which means you can’t place the controller too far.

Wifi interface

This interface has three buttons. The menu control and up and down arrows to a number of settings that you can adjust. The default settings of this interface show the target temperature, the smoker’s current temperature, the meat’s temperature and the output of the fan at that moment. The scrolling buttons are what adjust the target temperature at default settings.

Mobile and tablet interface

This interface needs to be set up but its pretty easy to do. This is after accessing the Flame boss website. You get the phone verified using a password and username.

After connection, the Flame Boss 200 allows you to change any setups from your phone and monitor any process. The data is all collected and even has some graphical function on your phone.

Advantages of the Flame boss 200

  • It quite easy to use and plug it into your smoker or your grill. It also uses quite high-quality probes that are silicone coated to protect them from hot temperature and moisture.
  • Its controller is quite accurate in terms of recording the right temperature. It intelligently sends the information for a quicker control of temperature
  • It has LCD display that is easy to read at a glance and set up all the needed settings for the smoker and grill.
  • It has a variable speed blower that runs at the best speed depending on the temperature that it intends to reach
  • In case the power goes off, this controller goes back to the saved temperature when the lights come back. You don’t need to set up all over again when there is a glitch. It also has an alarm once the meat is done and ready to be taken out. In case there is something you need to add in the recipe, it reminds you too.
  • You can change the display from oF to oC . It has a control range from 160-475oF which is quite large and a meat range of 110- 284oF

Disadvantages of the Flame boss 200

  • When lowering the target temperature from the phone, you will notice a slower response.


This is just the best temperature controller for your grill and smoker. It has very high-quality components which are very functional. The connection to WiFi is also pretty straightforward and the interfaces are easy to use.

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