Cosmo Range Hoods Reviews: 3 Value Options

Apr 26, 2018 | Reviews

At the beginning of this Cosmo range hood review, I would like to say a few things about Cosmo. This will hopefully allow you to better understand who they are and what they do. They manufacture premium kitchen appliances. Their products are made of premium materials, and incorporate the latest trends in cooking technologies. Cosmo also have complete stainless steel appliance collections. If you go with their products, you are guaranteed luxury, style and performance in your kitchen.

Cosmo strives to improve the life of the consumer. Their products allow you to enjoy doing what you love. Seeing as consumers have constantly been overspending on quality appliances, Cosmo aims to change that. They introduce quality products, but not with a premium price. With their lineup, you don’t have to overspend to get your dream kitchen.




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BodyStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
NoiseQuietA bit loudQuiet
Capacity900 CFM760 CFM760 CFM

Cosmo Range Hood Reviews

Are they any good?

The Cosmo range has been praised for quite a lot of things. First of all, they often look as good as models that cost twice as much. This is due to the materials used, as they look and feel much more premium. They blend in with a variety of looks and styles, giving you one less thing to worry about. As you will find in the mini-reviews below, they are premium products that come at an affordable price, and they work wonderfully.

Here are a few mini-reviews on a few different Cosmo range hoods. They are among the best-selling Cosmo range hoods. Hopefully, the reviews will help you decide if any one of them is for you.

cosmo range hood

Cosmo 900 CFM Island Range Hood

Body Stainless Steel
Capacity  760 cubic feet per minute
Noise Level Quiet

The Cosmo 900 CFM Island Range Hood is a very modern, European-style range hood. The stainless steel body and tempered glass visor blend in with any design, especially modern ones. There are steel baffle filters, which are dishwasher safe and you never have to replace them, just wash them when necessary. As its name suggests, it has a coverage capacity of 900 cubic feet per minute. This means it can withstand heavy duty tasks. The best part? It has noise levels of under 65 dB, which is considered quiet as far as range hoods go. There is a digital touch control panel, which has a timer, so you don’t have to worry about turning it off manually. Operating it is very simple, and functionality is on par with more expensive products, and quality is up there as well.

The only potential downside is the lights. There is only one setting for them, and even though there are four LED lights, people complain that they aren’t that bright. However, at this price, you really can’t expect a lot more, especially with the performance and quality you get.

Cosmo Under Cabinet Range Hood

Cosmo UC30 Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood

Body Stainless Steel
Capacity 760 cubic feet per minute
Noise A bit loud.

If you’re looking for an under cabinet range hood that will bring performance and style to your kitchen, and all at an affordable price, this one by Cosmo is a good option. It has a modern, European style, meant to blend in a variety of stylings. The stainless steel body again comes with dishwasher safe filters, which you won’t have to replace but simply wash instead. The capacity of the motor is 760 cubic feet per minute, and it should handle medium to heavy ventilation tasks with ease. There are three-speed settings, easily selectable with the push button controls.

As far as downsides go, it is worth mentioning that it might get a little loud, even at the lowest setting. At the price you’re getting it for, though, this is something you could easily ignore.

Cosmo Wall Mount Range Hood

Cosmo 760 CFM Wall Mount Range Hood

Body Stainless Steel
Capacity  760 CFM
Noise Quiet

Another European-style range hood. The high-quality stainless steel looks great, and the entire range hood has an ultra-modern design. You have twin LED lights to help you with food preparation. And again, you have dishwasher-safe grease filters that you won’t need to replace. The range hood is designed for medium to heavy ventilation tasks, which is supported by the 760 cubic feet per minute motor. The best thing about it? It is super quiet, with noise levels less than 65 dB. As with many Cosmo products, this one looks and works as good as ones twice the price, and you get a bargain.

I’m sure you’re noticing a pattern here, but potential downsides are, again, the lights. They are considered to be a little weak.

Rounding up the Cosmo range hood review

At the end of the day, you actually get more than you pay for. The range hoods work great, and for that price, competitors offer many more downsides that are more easily noticeable as well. However, you really can’t get a better product for the price.

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