Best Weber Grill of 2018

Jul 12, 2017 | Reviews

Weber are one of the best grill/smoker manufacturers out there, and have an unbeatable reputation for quality.

They offer quite a wide range of different grills, including wood pellet, gas and charcoal versions. They also do a great range of lower end grills, some of which I’m testing in this review.

I’ve picked 5 of the best Weber grills available on the market right now. They’re all grills that have impressed me during other general reviews.

Which Weber is the daddy? Read on as these Weber grills compete in the ultimate shoot out!

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Rating[usr 4.5][usr 4.7][usr 4.6][usr 4.8][usr 4.4]
ProsSolid construction and style make for a brilliant grill.A low priced grill that still has that Weber quality you love. A posh version of the Kettle Grill, which is no bad thing.A slightly cheaper version of the Standard Grill. Natural gas does make this grill a reliable and safe option.
ConsThe price tag might put some people off.It’s not huge by any means, although cheap enough to have as a secondary grill for camping. Extra weight, expense and lack of ultimate portability could be an issue. Misses key features, like the ash tray being swapped for a poor-quality version. You’ll need to get expert help to install the gas parts. It’s also expensive, only a bit separating it from the larger E310.
Cooking Surface (sq/inch)424363363363360

Summary Tables

Best Weber Grill of 2018!

Let’s dive in a take a look at our list of the best Weber grills on the market:

Weber Spirit E310

Our Rating:  [usr 4.5] (4.5/5)
Stainless Steel Burners  
Electronic Crossover ignition system  
Cooking Surface  424 sq/inch

We’re straight in with a gas grill right at the upper end of the price range. At almost $500, this is a grill for the serious cook who likes to entertain large numbers of friends and family.


The Weber Spirit E310 is a pretty standard 3 burner grill. It comes with just under 500 square inches of cooking space, not as much as you might want at this price; however, Weber have always been a quality manufacturer – rather than a “pack cheap features in”.

Think BMW, rather than Ford.

Another pretty cool feature, is the 100 square inches of “warming” space available. This is a great feature as like me, I’m sure you’ve ended up cooking foods at the wrong time – requiring you to keep things warm while finishing off!

Setting It Up

There’s a fair amount of assembly required to get the Spirit up and running. Wheels, top hood, front door and side tables all require assembly, although it’s not difficult work.

It takes a standard grill propane tank with ease, and the clip assembly is nice and solid, exactly what you’d expect from a safety device.

Instructions are superb, which is part of the Weber DNA, whilst their customer service department is one of the best in the business.

In Use

After reviewing the Stor Quatro, it was nice to get back to a grill that’s overtly been built to last! Every panel, screw, bolt and control is a joy to use – part of the reason it only took half an hour to get set up.

One of the awesome things about the Weber, is the fact the gas control knobs turn about 250 degrees. Some of the cheaper grills out there only rotate about 100 degrees. This sounds like a silly mention, yet it gives you fine control of the flame, allowing you to maintain temperature far easier.

I cooked burgers on the Spirit grill and they came out lovely. Each burger was juicy and the Spirit gave some wicked grill marks across the meat!


At 140 pounds, it’s not that heavy; however, that doesn’t include the gas canister. Still, it’s not too difficult to push about, and like the rest of the unit, the wheels are made to a high quality.

Weber Original Kettle


Our Rating: [usr 4.7] (4.7/5)
Plated Steel Cooking Grate  
Porcelain Enameled Bowl  
Cooking Area  363 sq/in

Back to quite sensible cash, the Kettle Grill serves as a nice entry level unit for those trading up to the Weber brand.

Even at this low price, you’re still getting that Weber quality, sans some features and a decrease in cooking space.


The 22-inch porcelain hood has about 360 square inches of cooking space. Everything used in the construction is either porcelain coated steel, or stainless steel.

For anyone who’s trading up to a Weber this will probably be the first thing you’ll notice.

You can choose the Weber Kettle Grill in red, green or black. Weber have a reputation for building sweet looking grills, and it’s nice to see some of that charm being offers at the lower end of the range.

In Use

As with all small, bowl shaped grills, getting the Kettle Grill up to cooking temperature was easy. Simply fill it with coals, let it burn for half an hour and you’ll end up with a lovely hot grill ready for use.

One of the cool things about the Spirit, is that they have engineered out parts that tend to rust on lower end grills. This is a grill that should last you several seasons with ease.

The ash pan is simple to use and detaches easily, one of the big issues with lower end grills.

I ended up grilling mackerel on the Kettle Grill and they turned out well. Once you let the flames die down the remaining fire is nice and consistent.


At on 32 pounds, you’ll be carrying this grill everywhere with you! The wheels are nice and large, with a decent handle that’s quite comfortable to use.

I would so far as to say the Kettle Grill could be a nice accompaniment to Weber’s more expensive (and stationary grills). It’s perfect for storing in a camper van, RV or simply throwing it in the back of your car.

Weber Performance Deluxe


Our Rating: [usr 4.6] (4.6/5)
Electronic Touch-n-go Ignition System  
Cooking Area 363 sq/in
Removable LCD Cook Timer  

Looking at the Performer Grill, you could be forgiven for thinking they’ve simply tacked on the Kettle Grill to a larger table. You would be correct of course, yet Weber would never stop at that, and they’ve added some pretty amazing features to the Deluxe Grill.

It has electronic ignition, built in LCD cook timer and a thermometer placed in the top of the hood. This starts to make the little Kettle Grill a fully-fledged garden warrior, rather than a small campsite buddy!

Setting Up

Some light assembly is required to get the Deluxe version setup. You’ll need to build that under shelf, plus the wheels and hood arrangement. Thankfully, the setup is still quite simple and should suit those who just don’t want a full on “enthusiast grill”.

The wheels are worth mentioning on this model, as they’re of a good quality and do a great job of keeping the grill mobile.

In Use

It has the same cooking space as the kettle grill. Not surprising really, as it’s essentially the same model with a few bells and whistles added.

The electronic ignition is easy to use, although I must say I had fun lighting the kettle grill! I bet most men will hope the electronic system will stop working so they can break out the firelighters! Unfortunately for them, this is a Weber, so it won’t break for many years to come.

The built-in thermometer is a welcome addition and really helps with grilling; LCD is less useful and more of a fad that you’ll really use – in a world where you can ask your Apple Watch to remind you of cooking times Weber could have skipped this.

The outside cooking space is very generous, something I commend Weber for! The counter top is made of a solid coated metal, and although I would never use it as a cutting surface, it does everything else well.

I cooked minute steaks and peppers on the Deluxe Grill, taking advantage of that table space to prepare everything. Peppers were grilled to perfection, not too cook and ever so slightly charred. The steaks were an easy cook and only took a few minutes each side.


The entire setup weighs 91 pounds, that sounds like a lump, yet it’s quite easy to carry thanks to the fact it resembles a table top with sturdy wheels’ underneath.

The question here, is would you take it camping with you? It really depends on your attitude to “roughing it”! I’m certain you’d get this grill in the back of any camper van, even a T21 Transporter or similar.

My advice, look at the Kettle Grill and Deluxe model in the shop, them decide how much luxury you need vs space!

Weber Original Kettle


Our Rating: [usr 4.8] (4.8/5)
Aluminum Ash Catcher  
Total Cooking Area 363 sq/in
Porcelain Enameled Bowl  

If you want to take the paired down approach of the standard Kettle Grill, and push it even further, then the Original Kettle Grill is for you. It is a staple in the industry and probably the most recognized among the best grills out there.

It’s even lighters, even more portable and cheaper; however, you’ll miss some features that I think would be a crime to go without!


Features are few and far between on the original grill. The Standard Grill ash tray is now replaced with a simple catcher bowl; however, everything else is roughly the same as the Standard model.

The Original Grill still comes with the same solid wheels and grab handle, moving this grill should in theory be even easier without the larger ash tray.

In Use

The grill is so easy to set up it’s hardly worth mentioning! It takes a few minutes to fill with charcoal and light, with a decent cooking temperature being available after 20 minutes’ patience.

I cooked fresh Mackerel from my fishing boat on the Original Grill and it did a lovely job of them. My only problem is that ash tray, which does tend to spill it’s load on the floor!


Even easier to carry thanks to the lack of a “posh” ash tray catcher. Having said that, I’m not sure the extra weight and slightly cheaper price is worth the extra hassle.

Weber Spirit S210


Our Rating: [usr 4.4] (4.4/5)
Natural Gas  
Electronic Crossover  
Total Cooking Area 360 sq/in

The S210 gas grill is a 2-burner setup, with electronic ignition, 360 inches of cooking space and the same side table setup at the E310. That’s not a bad set of features; however, the $469 price tag isn’t that much less than the E310.


The 2-burner system is every bit as easy to use as the E310 model and comes with a similar ignition system. Like all gas grills, you’ll be able to get up to a decent cooking temperature within minutes.

The casing of the grill is all stainless steel, with a porcelain coated enamel within the temperature resistant parts.

One feature that may or may not interest you, is the natural gas fuel used by the S210. This is a grill that’s designed to be installed directly into your patio or garden. You might need to get the help of a gas fitter or plumber to ensure this unit it installed safely in your home.

Setting Up

As I just alluded to, you’ll need to plumb this grill into your homes natural gas connection. This makes setting up the S210 a professional job and I would always suggest you get expert help when doing this.

As for the general assembly, it’s like the E310 in that you need to fit the wheels, side tables and doors. As with all grills from Weber, everything is of a good quality and you should be up and running in no time.

In Use

A smaller cook space means you won’t be able to cater for as many people as the E310. The two-burner system is great and you can start cooking quickly after ignition.

One of the good things about the S210, is that it’s small size means it doesn’t take up too much space. This could be a consideration given the fact the grill is designed to be plumbed in permanently to a gas outlet.

If you do get stuck installing the natural gas system, it’s worth giving the guys at Weber a call. Based in the USA they’re a font of knowledge and should be able to help you on your way.


This grill is permanently plumbed to your homes gas line. Portability is not an option!

Round Up

If you want a garden dedicated grill, then you can’t go wrong with the E310 gas model. The S210 model is a nice idea, yet it’s a hassle to install and costs almost the same – without the additional cooking space.

If you’re planning on camping or want to take your grill down the beach, then the Standard Kettle Grill is the one you want. The Original Kettle Grill is the exact same, yet the lack of a decent ash tray doesn’t make the lower price worth it.

If you don’t fancy upgrading to a full gas grill, yet need something that can cope with small home parties, then the Weber Performer Deluxe is a nice option. Don’t expect much more cooking capacity than the Standard Grill; however, the extra table space and electronic ignition make it a good buy.

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