Best Outdoor Wok Burner: Restaurant Style!

Nov 23, 2017 | Reviews

My family is a big fan of Asian foodie experiences; Whether that be cooking at home in a Wok, or going out to enjoy Hibachi at a Japanese steak-house. The issue with both of these is that an indoor Wok won’t do the cooking any justice because your range isn’t made for that level of heat, and frankly I don’t want to go out everytime I want proper stir fry and noodles.

If you’ve ever attempted to cook at high heat at home, then you know the following issues all too well, smoke and spatter. Even with your range hood maxed out and gloves on, it sort of kills the experience and makes you not want to cook these foods again.

Soon after compiling my list of portable outdoor grills I knew that I was missing something. I decided to test out a slew of outdoor propane wok burners. In some cases, these burners can reach temperatures of up to 54,000 BTUs! This concentrated heat cooks the food in no time and offers an excellent experience for you and your family.

Without further delay, let’s dive into the Wok burner reviews!




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Rating[usr 4.4][usr 4.3][usr 5.0]
Weight12.4 lbs2.2 lbs31 lbs
Maximum BTU65,000200,0000 to 160KBTU/Hr
MaterialSteelSteel/Cast IronSteel

Best Outdoor Wok Burner!

1. Eastman Outdoors Portable Wok Burner

Our Rating:  [usr 4.4] (4.4/5)
Maximum BTUs
12.4 lbs

First on the list is a wok burner from Eastman Outdoors. I opted for this as the first product in the list because it’s highly reviewed and is well constructed. Featuring a clean-burning 65,000 BTUs, you have more than enough heat to stir fry anything. The burner is easily adjusted and can cook a variety of foods including crab and lobster pots as well as cast iron skillets.

The stand is made of steel and is built to last. As long as the burner is on a level surface, it should never tip over. The stand is also adjustable and removable allowing for secure storage and portability. You can quickly raise the burner for your wok, and then lower the stand for a seafood or veggie boil. This burner has safety in mind which is always a bonus when dealing with high heat.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with this multi-purpose burner. Eastman Outdoors makes a variety of solid outdoor products, and this one was no different.

2. GasOne Single Outdoor Propane Burner

Our Rating: [usr 4.3] (4.3/5)
Maximum BTU 200,000
Steel/Cast Iron
Weight 2.2 lbs


Next up is the GasOne propane cooker. This isn’t a traditional option regarding wok burners, but it does the job none-the-less. My family loves to camp so having something versatile and accommodating of all pots of different shapes and sizes is a must. Whether we want to do a massive country boil for the campground, make stir-fry, or even brew our beer, this burner will do the job.

This burner can reach a whopping 200,000 BTUs which is more than enough for anything you will ever need. The burner is fully adjustable and can reach the recommended wok temperatures in the range of 50-60,000 BTUs.
The burner is ultra-portable weighing in at only 2.2 lbs. It is made of cast iron and is long-lasting and features some safety features which is nice to see. The safety features include a steel braided hose, CSA certified adjustable regulator, and an o-ring to prevent any gas leakage.

Overall this is a close second pick in this top three review, and you will have no issues cooking on this or the Eastman above.

3. PowerFlamer Outdoor Wok Burner

Our Rating: [usr 5.0] (5.0/5)
BTU 0 to 160KBTU/Hr
Weight 31 lbs


Third on the list is a manual ignition Wok burner from PowerFlamer. This burner was quite impressive and looks more traditional. It ended up as third on the list because it’s a little more expensive, but that’s what you pay when you opt to go for quality. In the case of wok burners, you rarely want to compromise on the price.

This wok burner weighs in at 31 lbs and features three detachable legs. Meaning you can bring it with you on the go or store it away when you are finished cooking. The burner is also able to be adjusted on the fly from 0 to 160KBTU/HR.

Like the GasOne, PowerFlamer has some safety features including a stainless braided hose and spider mesh guard. The connector is standard as ACME type I QCC connector for a 20 lbs propane tank. To put that into perspective, the tank will last you 3-5 months, meaning only three tanks a year.

Wrapping Up the Wok Burner Reviews

Overall, these are my top choices for outdoor wok burners. Anyone of these options will create a solid experience. I wouldn’t say any of these options is necessarily better than the other. They all are in the same price range. The GasOne is naturally lighter than both but doesn’t come with legs as a dedicated Wok burner like the Eastman or PowerFlamer options. None of these come with a wok so any standard 13-18″ Wok will be fine.

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