Ancona Range Hood Reviews: 2 Best Options of 2018

Apr 26, 2018 | Reviews

As a brand, Ancona has been around for over 30 years. In that period, they have dealt with manufacturing and distribution of kitchen and bathroom accessories and appliances. They maintain responsibility for the entire process. Product design, development, quality control, manufacturing, sales, customer service, everything is done by them. Their main goal, as they say, is to give you premium accessories at affordable prices. As you are about to see in this Ancona range hood review, their appliances are high performance, look good, yet don’t break the bank.

Ancona has an extensive range of range hoods. They have wall mounted pyramid, rectangle, and other shapes, as well as built-in under cabinet, and island range hoods. They even offer accessories, such as chimney extensions and recirculation kits. Their range hoods come in different sizes, which is great. It simply means that a lot of people can buy their product, and have it fit in. Below you will find mini-reviews for two of their products, which hopefully will help you decide on whether you should be buying anything from them.

Ancona Range Hood

Ancona 30” Wall mounted pyramid style range hood

Body Stainless Steel
Noise A little bit louder than expected
CFM 450
Price $$$

This Ancona range hood is made of high-quality 430 stainless steel. The pyramid design is timeless, and blends in with a variety of kitchen styles. It adds a touch of sophistication at an incredibly affordable price. Performance is stellar, and won’t disappoint you.

As far as specifications go, you get a 400 cubic feet per minute motor, which should handle easy to medium tasks without much problems. The 30 inch wide hood should be sufficient. There are three fan speeds. They should help keep noise at a minimum, when full power isn’t necessary. They’re also electronic controls, for ease of use. You also get two, 3W LED lights, which are very powerful and should help you prepare your meals with ease.


Ancona Advanta Pro III Under Cabinet Range Hood

Body Stainless Steel
Noise  Quiet
CFM 450
Price $$$

If the previous option isn’t powerful enough, or you need an under cabinet one, this is a good choice. The motor can go up to 620 cubic feet per minute, which should be plenty for medium to high needs. There are aluminum mesh filters, with a stainless steel decorative panel. This ensures they’ll maintain their look even after a while.

When you take a look at usability, you will find a three-speed fan. It is controlled via the LCD display, which ensures easy operation. There’s also enough light to help you with your cooking needs as well.

Rounding up the Ancona range hood review

At the end of the day, Ancona succeeds in their goal. Their products come with premium performance and functionality. And yet, their prices remain affordable for the masses. You pretty much can’t go wrong, and they offer a product for everyone’s needs.

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