AKDY Range Hood Review

Apr 26, 2018 | Reviews

AKDY range hood

AKDY 30″ Wall Mount Range Hood

Noise Level Less than 65 dB
CFM 400
Material Stainless Steel/Tempered Glass
Price $$

For those not familiar with the AKDY brand, they make a variety of high-end home appliances. They range from bath-tubs to range hoods. When looking at range hoods the main features to consider are cubic feet per minute, often denoted as CFM. Usually higher CFM results in higher noise levels as the hood will be stronger. You also want to consider specifications of the unit and minimum requirements. Things like dimensions as well as minimum required ceiling height and drop down height.

Pros Cons
  • Relatively quiet operation at 65 dB
  • A little bit loud at maximum fan usage
  • Remote Control
  • The clock is only in Military time
  • Stainless Steel and Tempered Glass
  • Lightweight
  • 400 CFM is a sweet spot
  • Easy install

AKDY Range Hood Review

Overall, super impressed with this range hood. Looks super sleek and elegant. Much more updated than my previous range hood. The materials are pretty solid and durable, while still being lightweight, making for an easy install. The operation is seemingly easy and even at the maximum fan output of 400 CFM, the noise levels weren’t unbearable. You can definitely still hear the fan running, as 65 dB is audible.

Like most of my readers, I am from the States. Most Americans use a 12-hour clock where-as European countries and elsewhere make use of 24-hour clocks. This range hood is locked on a 24-hour Military style clock, although it truly isn’t that hard to read the clock, but it could be annoying for some. The remote control that comes with it is a nice touch, although typically when you’re cooking you are near the hood and you can just use the buttons instead.

Customer support is reported as being solid. I didn’t have any issues with usage. I also didn’t have the issue of missing parts or a remote control that didn’t work. Several buyers have reported that Customer Service was happy to help with any issues you may run into. This is great considering most companies will leave you high and dry.


  • Dimensions: 29.5″ W x 18.5″ L x 42″ H
  • Required Ceiling Height: 8 to 9 ft.
  • Minimum Drop Down Height: 26.75″
  • Noise Level: 65 dB at 400 CFM
  • Weight: 45.2 lbs

Final Thoughts

If you are considering any of the AKDY range hoods or products, I’d definitely say give them a go. This product didn’t disappoint and you get great quality for a great price. Most range hoods will break the bank with useless features and then they lack on the stuff that actually matters. This isn’t the case with this range hood, they have quality materials, useful features, and a great price. You really can’t go wrong.

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