Louisiana Grills or Traeger? Which Model is Best?

Sep 18, 2018 | Blog

Pellet grills are becoming ever more popular, partly because the pellets are an economical fuel source. There is an increasing number of pellet grill brands on the market, but Traeger and Louisiana Grills remain the most well-known.

Both companies established themselves rather early in the Pellet grilling world. Traeger made the first one but Lousiana grills weren’t far behind the wave. These brands are different in a few aspects. Let’s see how they look when compared.

Traeger vs Louisiana Grills

BrandLouisiana GrillsTraeger
Hopper Capacity14 lbs18 lbs
Cooking Surface933 square inches646 square inches
Weight166 lbs125 lbs
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Quick Background on Traeger

Pellet grills are actually Traeger’s invention. They developed the first pellet grill in 1985 and patented it in 1986. Ever since then, they have been dominating the market and today they are an established and trusted brand.

Traeger makes pellet grills of various sizes, from small portable grills like the PTG+ to extra large professional grills like the Traeger XL. All Traeger Pellet Grills have a durable powder-coated steel construction and have a knob-style thermostat. They can all be started with an electronic auto-start ignition system.

Features of the Traeger Texas Elite

The Traeger Texas Elite 34 is a 6-1 grill allowing for you to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and bbq your food. If you’re looking for functionality, while still getting the benefits of a pellet grill then this is a solid option.

The dial temperature control just feels old, and that’s because it is. As a result, the temperature can only be increased by 25 degrees at a time. This also leads to temperature inaccuracies of +/- 20 degrees. With that said though, nothing beats simple and easy barbecue. Technology can tend to complicate things and in the case of Traeger, it keeps things simple for beginners and enthusiasts alike.

Most pellet grills are quite energy efficient. Traeger specifically notes 300 watts for the first 5 minutes in order to heat up and then only 50 watts after that. Combined with the relatively low cost of wood pellets, it quickly becomes one of the best options for small families and hobbyists.

Pros and cons

  • Trusted brand
  • Beginner friendly
  • Energy efficient
  • Temperature control could be a lot better. Thermostat systems like this are dated and are prone to having this problem.

Quick Background on Lousiana Grills

Louisiana Grills was founded in 2006, and is one of the most established pellet grill makers after Traeger. They have differentiated themselves from the competition and gained the trust of consumers by making quality pellet grills with advanced features at a relatively affordable price.

Like Traeger, Louisiana Grills offer pellet grills in a range of sizes that can satisfy every customer’s needs. Whether you need a small, portable grill for camping or a large grill that can feed a big group of people, they’ve got you covered.

Features of the LG900

Even though they come in many sizes, all Louisiana Grills are pretty similar. Besides the main cooking space, they have an upper rack and a lower storage shelf. They feature a one-touch PID controller that allows you to set the temperature with great precision. Although there are cheaper options than Louisiana Grills, when compared to other grills with a PID controller the price point is pretty low.

The LG900 has temperature ranges from 170 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. The instructions note that before every smoke you should bring the grill to 450 degrees and then bring the temperature down. If you don’t do this you will risk temperature fluctuations that are a pain to deal with. Included is a meat probe that allows for set it and forget it cooking.

Something that Louisiana can do that other grills can’t is that it is easily upgradeable. The hopper that comes with this grill is medium sized at best. The hopper capacity can be increased with the hopper extension, meaning it can go from holding 14 lbs to 34 lbs. You can also add-on a smoke cabinet for an additional 1396 sq. inches of space for smoking and curing.

Pros and cons

  • PID temperature control (+/- 5 degrees)
  • Trusted brand in the pellet grilling industry
  • Ability to upgrade easily
  • Quite expensive

Comparing These Models

Both of these brands have been around since the beginning. Traeger creating the first, and then shortly after Louisiana Grills. Both of these grills are similar across all of their models. With that said, both grills appear to have gone different routes in terms of their target audience. You can see that in the way they market their products and the overall builds. Traeger is definitely geared more toward beginners and all-purpose grilling. Lousiana grills are targeted more towards enthusiasts.

The Traeger grill uses a thermostat system that increases the temperature by 25 degrees. This system is rather dated, but it is also super easy to just turn a dial. The Lousiana grills system uses a proportional with integral and derivative control, more popularly known as a PID. A PID is able to maintain temperatures within 5 degrees of the target temperature. If you are someone who is after precise temperatures then the PID system is something you should look for.


Traeger and Lousiana Grills are known for creating high-quality grills and smokers. If you are a beginner to pelleting grilling then the Traeger would be your best. Any of their models would be great to learn on. If you are more experience and you are looking to elevate your smoking experience then Lousiana Grills should be on your radar.

Happy Grillin’!


Billy Stewart

Chef and Reviewer for Barbequesmoked.com

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