How to Make a Sweet Potato in the Microwave

Apr 30, 2018

Not sure if you are a microwave fan or not. But, I thank the inventor of this device almost every day. If I knew the inventor in person, I would have written pages and pages of thank you notes. Truthfully speaking, I don’t need someone to vouch for the fact that a microwave is a creative genius. In my nine years of cooking, it has been a huge part of my identity. Make no mistake, nothing much will change about me without this unit. However, it’s a handy tool in the kitchen. It’s a nice ‘rush’ device for me. Anyways, let me drill down to the topic without boring too many of you guys out there.

Know your Microwave a Little Better

For the most part, a microwave is used for heating food. At least, I never saw anyone cook food from scratch within a microwave. To bust the bubble over here, a microwave can actually be used to cook foods from ground zero. So, it doesn’t have to be just another heating device. Of course, there will be some restrictions on the kind of food you can cook on a microwave because it may not produce enough heat energy like your conventional cooking device.

Microwaving a Sweet Potato

Nevertheless, you can microwave a sweet potato to relish your taste buds. So, what will be the payoff over here? Here’s the thing. You will get results equivalent to your traditional cooking unit for less than half the time. So, it will prove to be a huge time-saver. Of course, it’s also much easier to use a microwave for cooking. Better yet, no one will be able to tell the difference. Not to forget the fact that sweet potatoes are naturally sweet and nutritious. So, let’s dig into the content. I will tell you exactly how I go about microwaving a sweet potato. You will surely enjoy the deliciously baked sweet potato.

Steps to Reach Microwaved Baked Sweet Potato

First and foremost, scrub the raw potato until it’s sparkling clean. Hygiene is the first step, isn’t it? You can use running water to clean the potato. It pays to have a fork beside you because the next thing you will do is literally stab the sweet potato all over its body with a fork. Remember, you can’t afford to skip this step. If you do so, the potato will explode inside the microwave. I am talking from experience, so don’t take this advice lightly because it will backfire on you. My wife’s taunts are still fresh in my mind. So, don’t make my mistake. Also, don’t force the fork too deep. You only need to break through the skin of the potato. That will do the trick.

Let’s Keep Moving!

Believing that you have taken my advice to heart, let’s move ahead. Now, take a wet paper towel and wrap it around the potato. Gently get rid of the excess water. The paper towel wrap will create a steaming effect. So, the potato will get soft and fluffy from the inside. Also, it will prevent the potato from shrinking. Here’s another word of advice for you. Don’t use an aluminum foil over here. It will create sparks inside the microwave. Therefore, do yourself a favor and stick with the paper towel.

Let’s Get Cooking Now!

The next step would be the final step for the most part. Simply place the potato on a microwave-safe plate inside the microwave on a high mode for approximately five to six minutes, until it’s tender. Don’t forget to flip it once halfway down the road. Once done with the cooking, unwrap the potatoes and allow it to cool for few minutes. Of course, smaller potatoes will take lesser time. Once you cook a few of them, you will get a good idea about the right amount of time taken to cook your potatoes. As a tip, use the fork to test the softness.

Final Steps

Once the potatoes have cooled down, use a knife to slice the potatoes in half. Of course, don’t forget to admire your work or at least pat your back. Add desired toppings for the icing on the cake factor. Goes without saying, if you have spent any time in the kitchen, you will know that the choices for toppings are literally endless. At the end of the day, it guns down to your personal taste and preference. My favorite includes melt butter, vanilla almond butter, or avocado. You can also add some sweet corn and bacon. It will fit the bill perfectly over here.

Additional Tips

If you don’t plan to consume the potatoes right away, make sure to store them in a cool, dry place. Also, do not refrigerate them or else they will dry out. Choose firm potatoes while shopping for them. Also, don’t go for the oversized ones; rather consider small or medium ones. They take less time for cooking, and they turn out well too. Potatoes tend to burn quickly, so keep an eye on the microwave while it’s cooking. Remember, they can come out uneven if they are overcooked or undercooked.

Truthfully speaking, it might require a few attempts to churn out perfectly baked sweet potatoes. So, don’t give up if your first attempt was not the best. Truthfully speaking, you will get better with every attempt. Also, do not be afraid to experiment with the sweet potato. It’s a highly versatile food, so you can totally experiment with it. Trust me; it won’t mind. So, keep trying new ingredients or toppings. They are going to taste good no matter what. Above all, have fun cooking them.


Finally, we come to an end. There was nothing rocket science about microwaving a sweet potato, isn’t it? Truthfully speaking, it’s easy-as-pie procedure. Believe it or not, you will see yourself microwaving a sweet potato very often. Remember, it’s packed with Vitamin A, C, B6, and potassium. Not to forget the fact that it’s a much better alternative to the unhealthy French fries. Personally speaking, the lazy person in me loves this dish. I am not trying to represent my laziness. However, I do miss not knowing this cooking hack during my college days. Right from the cooking process to the end-result, it’s worth a shot for me. Why don’t you try it too today?


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