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Are you looking to buy BBQ products but aren't sure where to start? We've got you cover. Read our comparison posts, from BBQ grills, to the best wood pellets, we can help you out.

Top 4 Best Infrared Grills of 2017

My first face-to-face interaction with the infrared grill was in the 70s. During its popular days, my dad owned one too. Back then, I was just a little kid from the neighborhood. There – I shouted out loud. It got fired! These words leaked out of my big mouth when I... read more

Best Hybrid Grill of 2017

Don’t be a stupid like me and reach out to your wallet so quick. I have paid the price. I hope you don’t. Folks, I won’t lie. I am a go-getter person in real life. The same persona can be noticed when I shop online. To make matters worse, my fat paycheck... read more

The Best Offset Smokers of 2017

Offset smokers were a traditional design used frequently 50 years ago. They went through a period of unpopularity in the 90s and 00s, yet they’re in something of a renaissance period right now. With that popularity, lots of manufacturers are starting to bring out... read more

The Best Propane Smoker of 2017

Fancy an easier life than using wood pellets to smoke your meats? Sure you do, propane is quicker, easier and with modern gas grills a safer option too. I’m generally a wood pellet guy, although I do have friends who rock gas smokers and to be fair, they work well and... read more

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