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Are you looking to buy BBQ products but aren't sure where to start? We've got you cover. Read our comparison posts, from BBQ grills, to the best wood pellets, we can help you out.

BBQ On the Go: Best Portable Grill of 2017

I have always been smitten by portable grills. Truthfully speaking, I have leaned on them heavily for camping and tailgating parties. It took me a while to realize that if you buy the best ones out there, they will last forever. And, if you take the cheap road, the... read more

REC TEC Grill Reviews and Ratings

Rec Tec are a hugely popular manufacturer of grills based in the USA. They’re products are almost always offered at the higher end of the grill market and come with an unbeatable reputation for customer service and support. I must say, I’ve never really considered... read more

The Best Charcoal Smokers of 2017

This is an article for the purists out there. For some people, there’s no smoker that can impart that flavour better than a good old traditional charcoal grill. I actually prefer wood pellet smokers myself, they work really well and leave a nice flavour on your... read more

The Best Natural Gas Grills of 2017

Since you guys are no longer weirdo strangers to me, I will share my insights on best natural gas grills out there. Folks, it’s your lucky day! It took quite a bit of tantalizing efforts on my part to secure this information. I must have burnt more money than charcoal... read more

The Top 5 Best Kamado Grills of 2017

Years of not knowing jack about grills all the way to knowing everything about them was not a fun-filled affair. Truth to be told, I blew a lot of money in the process. Not to undermine the fact that my wife went through some sort of sadness phase due to my dumb ass... read more

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