Meat Smoking Times and Temperatures

Dec 10, 2017 | Blog

Below is a handy list of smoking times and temperatures. Beginners and experts alike sometimes need to reference internal temperatures and the time to smoke certain cuts and varieties of meat. For accurate measurements, consider using an instant-read thermometer.

These numbers are an approximation and should be used as a guideline. Smoke times vary heavily based on a number of factors; including your smoker style, weather conditions, and ambient temperature.

Smoking Times and Temperatures

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Type of MeatSmoking Temperature (°F)Smoke TimeFinished Temperature (°F)
Sausage225-25030-60 minutes160
Tri-Tip225-2502-3 hours130-140
Beef Brisket225-25012-20 hours190-205
Spare Ribs225-2505-6 hours190-203
Short Ribs225-2506-8 hours190-200
Back Ribs225-2503-4 hours185-190
Rump Roast225-25030 mins/lb145 (Well Done)
Whole Ribeye225-25025 mins/lb135 (Medium)
Tenderloin225-2502.5-3 hours190-200
Pork butt225-2501.5 hr/lb205
Pork Loin225-2504-5 hours145
Pork Sausage225-2501-3 hours165
Whole Hog225-25016-18 hours205
Belly BaconLess than 1006 hours140
Pork Spare Ribs225-2505-7 hours180-185
Pork Baby Back Ribs225-2505 hours180
Pork Tenderloin225-2502.5-3 hours160
Lamb Rack200-2251-1.25 hours135-140
Lamb Shank225-2504-5 hours190
Lamb Leg225-2504-8 hours140-150
Lamb Shoulder225-2505-5.5 hours170
Whole Chicken275-3502-3 hours170
Whole Duck225-2504 hours165
Cornish Hens2402 hours165
Chicken Quarters275-3501-2 hours170
Chicken Thighs275-3501.5 hours170
Chicken Wings275-3501.25 hours170
Whole Turkey275-3504-5 hours170
Quail / Pheasant2251 hour165
Turkey Wings275-3502-2.5 hours170
Turkey Leg275-3502-3 hours170
Turkey Breast275-3504 hours165
Whole Salmon200When it stars to flake145
Whole Trout2251 hour145
Salmon Filet2201 hour145
Tilapia Filet2201 hour145
Lobster Tails22545 minutes140
Oysters22530-40 minutesn/a
Scallops22545-60 minutes145
Shrimp22520-30 minutesn/a

Consumer Safety Warning and Reminder

Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.

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