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Looking for the best tips and tricks for your upcoming BBQ? Here's where we share all the secret details about making the best barbeque of your life.

Marinating Meat Guide: Complete Guide

Marinating is the ticket to juicier, crispier, and tastier meat. Frankly speaking, it’s the essential step in cooking where all the magic lies. It keeps the meat interesting and delicious. It’s a simple way to add flavor to the meat. Yes, it’s not a manufactured... read more

How to Cook Javelina Easily

Believe it or not, properly cooked Javelina meat can taste better than pork. I know that this statement might have triggered some dirty looks or laughs. However, I am dead serious. So, give some rest to those rolling eyes. Over the years, I have hunted many of these... read more

5 Methods to Check if Pork is Done

No, I am not Sherlock Holmes. I am not his relative either. However, I have an experienced pair of eyeballs that can tell if the pork is done or not. So, my pork meat is not overcooked or undercooked when it hits the table. Yes, my meat always shines. Even my grumpy... read more

How to Make a Sweet Potato in the Microwave

Not sure if you are a microwave fan or not. But, I thank the inventor of this device almost every day. If I knew the inventor in person, I would have written pages and pages of thank you notes. Truthfully speaking, I don’t need someone to vouch for the fact that a... read more

How to Keep Celery Fresh in the Fridge

When we buy celery from the grocery store, we hardly use all of them at once. Most of the recipes only require one or more ribs, and by the time we get to the rest of them, they get damaged beyond use. You know how it feels when you have to dump them unused. It’s not... read more

Different Types of Smokers on the Market

When looking at a grill smoker, you’ll want to look at the three main types of unit, and pick the one that most suits your use. The most popular types on the market today are the vertical smoker, offset smoker and the cabinet smoker. Each type has its own pros and... read more

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