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Looking for the best tips and tricks for your upcoming BBQ? Here's where we share all the secret details about making the best barbeque of your life.

Indirect Heating Methods Explained

Indirect heating is a cooking method whereby food is cooked away from the main source of heat. It could be between the heat source but never directly. It is mainly meant to serve the purpose of controlling the temperature of the grill thereby heat under which the meat... read more

Direct and Indirect Heating Explained

Open fire cooking is one of the oldest cooking methods. It certainly does bring about memories of camping and beach fires. Open fires can be set up over a fire bowl, fire pit, or fire ring. The two main cooking methods over open fire involve the positioning of the... read more

The Grill vs the Griddle: Which is Best?

When talking about outdoor cooking, grills and griddles are usually used interchangeably. Both are cooking surfaces used for fast and hot cooking. A griddle is typically a large flat surface with the heat source directly underneath it. Usually, griddles are made of... read more

How to Make Pizza on a Kamado Grill

It can be seriously frustrating trying to find a well-made pizza. The struggle could lead you to hop on a plane and straight to Italy. After all, where else are you assured of finding the perfect pizza? You know what could help? You could make your very own... read more

Guide to Cold Smoking

Smoking foods is as ancient as the invention of fire. Learning how to cold smoke will allow you to step out of your normal barbecue comfort zone and expose you to a world of flavor possibilities. However, unlike hot smoking, cold smoking needs precision and care. Hot... read more

How to Season a Smoker

The first thing we do when we open a new smoker is salivate, thinking about how you want to cook in it first. However, even though a smoker comes with great convenience, it needs to be seasoned. So before firing it up and throwing that pork butt in, take time to find... read more

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