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Perfect Patties: The Best Hamburger Press of 2019

Oct 16, 2018 | Reviews

Making a burger is not particularly complicated, though it does require some tools. Possibly the most important tool is the hamburger press. Not only will it make your job easier, but it will always give you a consistent shape, size, and thickness of the burger.

Listed below are three of the best hamburger presses of 2018. Keep in mind, this isn’t a list of the best presses by our personal standards. The presses you’re about to see pop up in top lists all over the web, and their online retail pages are full of positive, five-star reviews. This is especially true of our own number one choice, the Weston press. However, the final choice is up to you, and you won’t be wrong no matter which of these wonders you choose.

Top 3 Hamburger Presses

1. Best Overall

Weston Burger Express

Our Rating


A consistent champion of online top lists, the Weston Burger Express does the job amazingly well. It’s made of heavy-duty high-quality aluminum, which makes it sturdy and durable. But more importantly, the material it’s made of doesn’t stick. Your burger will be intact once you shape and mold it with this press.

However, it doesn’t stop there. On the back of this press is the ejector, i.e. the plunger button with its big, elastic spring. This button helps keep the burger in place and makes it easier for the finished burger to pop out without falling apart. Simple, yet genius. So genius, in fact, that you can use it for other products as well – turkey burgers, crab cakes, sausage parties and more.

And speaking of “more,” you can make burgers of many different degrees of thickness. That’s right – your burger can either be slender and lean or thick and juicy, all with the help of Weston Burger Express.

Pros and cons

  • Durable material and sturdy construction
  • Non-stick material
  • Ejector spring for easier burger removal
  • Adjustable patty thickness
  • It’s a bit bulky compared to others

2. Best Value

PIPE Burger Press Patty Maker

Our Rating


Sometimes, it’s good to go old-fashioned with burger pressing. P.I.P.E. has you covered in this regard with their simple, yet effective patty maker.

One look at this beauty lets you know it’s THE definition of “manual.” You get an instruction manual with it, but let’s face it – you won’t need it. In fact, the moment you see it, in this picture, you know how to use it.

But is that the only benefit of P.I.P.E. Hamburger Patty Maker? Of course not, otherwise it wouldn’t be on this list.

Durability is this beast’s middle name, as it’s made of high-quality aluminum. Unlike most presses, you can wash the Patty Maker in the dishwasher with no issues. It’s so easy to clean you’ll regret not buying it sooner. And speaking of buying, this press is a frugal chef’s dream come true. P.I.P.E. Hamburger Patty Maker is, bar none, one of the cheapest on the market out there. However, it’s cheap in a way that doesn’t sacrifice quality for a low price.

Pros and cons

  • Easy to use
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Durable construction
  • Moderately priced
  • Noted by some to be a bit more straining on the hand

3. Best on a Budget

E-Prance Hamburger Press

Our Rating


Finally, we reach a bit of an anomaly. You see, E-PRANCE looks a lot like regular, manual presses, such as its predecessor. However, there are several key differences that make this press stand out in the best way possible.

The body of E-PRANCE is aluminum, sure, but the handle is made of plastic. This sounds like an unimportant detail, but plastic is easier on the hand, which means you’ll have a better grip when making patties. Both sides of the press are ridged, which – again – sounds like a detail you shouldn’t care about. However, the ridged metal bottom allows you to place it onto the fire and grill the burger without a grate. That’s right, grilling directly from the press! It’s a rare occurrence, yet E-PRANCE made it happen.

One final detail to pay attention to is the overall design. E-PRANCE made this press look stunning, with its pleasant black coating and smooth edges. Making burgers is not an activity people usually call “beautiful,” but this press changes that simply by how it looks.

Pros and cons

  • Great price
  • Plastic handle for easier grip
  • Light-weight
  • Not as durable as the other two options

What to Look for in a Burger Press

Like with most kitchen appliances and utensils, even hamburger presses have a logic to them. It’s important to have a good, detailed look at a product before you buy it, otherwise, you’ll end up with a bad press and zero hamburgers.

Burger Size

You should take into account what kind of burgers you’ll make and how big they’ll be. The golden standard is usually four inches in diameter and half to one and a half inch in thickness. Any press that can pull that off is good. Weight also plays a role in buying the proper press. Think 0.2 pounds per burger and you’re good to go. Of course, these are just the basic numbers. If you feel like it, you can buy a press that can make a far wider size range of burgers.


First of all, if you can – avoid metal presses. Unless it’s stainless steel or aluminum, a metal press can be a pain, since it’s difficult to clean. Aluminum and steel presses do not stick and, more importantly, do not rust that fast. Plastic presses are decent but aren’t as durable as aluminum or steel.

Another material that can be both good and bad is wood, at least for the handle. Much like plastic handles, wooden ones are better for gripping and feel more pleasant. However, wood can rot away quicker than metal, so make this your last option.


Indeed, most people have problems with this. You make a patty and, once you try to get it out of the press, it sticks to the surface and falls apart. Most metal presses have non-stick materials.

Multiple Patties

You won’t just be making several burgers, especially if you’re hosting an event. Therefore, you’ll need a press that can make multiple burgers at once. Not only will you have more convenience, but you’ll also save lots of precious time.


This is tricky, as presses tend to vary in quality, even expensive ones. Sure, you can spend more and get a great product, but it’s always a good idea to do some research and save a few bucks.


Overall you can’t really go wrong with any of the options above. If anything you always have your hands to create patties, they may not be perfect but they also don’t cost anything. If you still aren’t sure what to buy, consider the Weston Patty maker as your top choice.

Billy Stewart

Chef and Reviewer for

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