Billy Stewart

How to Smoke a Turkey

Despite our expectations, something can easily disrupt us. A few days back, we were hit by a storm. Not a major one, but a decent one. No casualties were reported, but it was strong enough to disrupt our routine life. As we waited for the bad weather to pass, the... read more

Cut Meat Like a Pro: Best Meats Saws

KitchenWare Station Meat Band Saw Our Rating:   1 Free Replacement Italy Band Saw Blade   Easy Operation   Wattage/HP 3800W / 5 HP Price $$$$ Check Price More and more people, are buying meat “on the bone” and directly from farms that don’t process meat in the modern... read more

Learn How to Smoke Bacon Properly

It’s hard to beat my freshly cooked bacon. For those who are not familiar with it, you won’t require a degree in rocket science to make your own smoked bacon. Sure, it will take some time and efforts, but it would be totally worth it. When you make it yourself, you... read more

How to Smoke Ribs in an Electric Smoker

Smoking ribs can be a tricky affair. You could either be solving a problem or creating something. Back in the days, I was creating a problem. With ribs, you can’t even use a thermometer because there isn’t a nice place to insert it. Truthfully speaking, nobody in the... read more

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