The 5 Best Vacuum Sealers on the Market

Aug 16, 2017 | Accessories

I really hate wasting food. So, this proved to be a worthwhile investment. No carry over foods ever got wasted in my kitchen. Truthfully speaking, I can’t imagine my kitchen without it. By increasing the product shelf life and by reducing product loss, this item pays for itself in the long run. So, everyone should own one of these items. Which one to buy? I have listed down the best vacuum sealers out there on the market today. I have shortlisted five of them after extensive testing and research. So, let’s press on.

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Rating[usr 4.4][usr 4.3][usr 4.3][usr 4.2][usr 4.3]
Weight10 lbs22 lbs6.6 lbs2.2 lbs3.1 lbs

Summary Tables

Best Vacuum Sealer of 2018!

1. FoodSaver 2-in-1 Vacuuming Sealing System

Our Rating:  [usr 4.4] (4.4/5)
Drip Tray Drawer
Roll Storage and Bag Cutter  
Weight 10 lbs

This is an innovative food preservation system that comes with a host of accessories to go with it. The tool keeps your food fresh up to five times longer than conventional storage methods. Even by far off estimates, you could be saving a couple of grand each year. If you want this item coming your way, be sure to read the review below. You will surely learn something that you didn’t know a minute ago.

Product Features:

It’s called a 2-in-1 machine for a good reason. You get both ways to preserve your food with one machine. Along with the main unit, it has an attached handheld unit. For larger jobs, one can use the main unit. The handheld unit can be used to seal foods that are opened on a regular basis. The controls of this unit are on the front for easy access even in confined spaces. It’s a perfect machine for those who want to extend the life of their products rather than throwing them in the bin.

In Use:

It’s damn easy to use this tool. When you push the food bag in, it automatically senses it and starts its vacuum sealing process by pulling out all of the air from the bag. It then applies an airtight seal to prevent spoilage from any damaging elements in the environment. The product stays vacuum packed without any freezer burns or air pockets for long until you open the bag. So far, I must have vacuum sucked thousands of bags with this unit with no hassles. It really brought about a major overhaul in the way we were storing food in our kitchen.


It’s a pretty compact unit, so it won’t take too much space in your kitchen. It’s easy to use, so there is no room for beginner’s mistake with this unit. The pull-out drip tray drawer throws the cleaning hassle out of the window. It can be easily removed and thrown into the dishwasher rack for effortless cleaning. Along with the main unit, the purchase price includes 1 Roll, 3 pcs of heat-seal bags, 2 pcs of gal


While in use, it does make an irritating vibrating sound. I noticed that the sound increases as the product ages. Also, one must position the bags right or else the vacuuming/sealing won’t start. Nevertheless, I found this unit extraordinarily useful in my kitchen. Not for once did I wish the product should have been any better. I am deliriously happy with this food saver equipment.

2. Weston Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer

Our Rating: [usr 4.3] (4.3/5)
Watts of Power 935
Teflon Bar  
Material Stainless Steel Construction

If you don’t want air and moisture to deteriorate your foods and cost you more on grocery bills, you need a tight seal around whatever you are wrapping. The Weston Pro-2300 Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer can get the job done for you. I have used this product for few months before passing it over to my mother-in-law, so I know what I am talking about. So, let me tell you how this vacuum sealer treated me. I will first introduce you to the product features.

Product Features:

The Weston Pro-2300 Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer has a solid stainless steel body. This commercial quality unit is not only powerful, but seemingly durable as well. It’s built like a heavy duty tank. It can easily stand up to regular use without losing power. With rapid seal time, it can save one a great deal of time on larger jobs. It keeps foods fresh 5 to 6 times longer.

In Use:

It’s simple and powerful to use. For most items, you just have to push the start button, and the unit gets to work. A few seconds later, you are done. Basically, it’s a one-touch operation unit. So, it can’t really get easier than this to vacuum suck food bags. Moreover, it has a transparent lid that enables one to align the bags perfectly while sealing them. Unlike other vacuum sealers that I have used, this one makes sure that the bags are absolutely closed. So, the foods stay fresh for long because it leaves just about no air in the bags. I had used this unit consistently for three months without any problems.


Its rapid and efficient suction power is next to none. Also, it comes with cord storage to reduce clutter in your kitchen. This vacuum sealer is quite well-built, so it can last for years to come. It has served us for three months, and my mother-in-law has been using the same unit for nearly two years now. Moreover, this commercial grade vacuum sealer comes with a two-year warranty.


The cost of this vacuum sealer is on the higher end of the spectrum. Moreover, it’s a bulky unit. So, be prepared for that as well. It functions great and can take any amount of beating. It’s built to last, and it performs like a pro. So, it’s worth every dime you spend on it. If you have the storage space and dollars for a real-deal vacuum sealer, you can get this unit with closed eyes. It’s a gem in its class.

3. Spreaze Kiartten Vacuum Sealer

Our Rating: [usr 4.3] (4.3/5)
Automatic Operation
Pull Out Drip Drawer  
Weight 6.6 lbs

Vacuum sealed foods remain and taste 3 to 5 times better than non-packed foods. If you are praying for a fresh food locker for your kitchen without the high price tag, the Kiartten Vacuum Sealer could prove to be the answer to your prayers.

Product Features:

Unlike other vacuum sealers, this one has a separate vacuum mode for dry as well as moist foods. You can vacuum and seal or simply seal the food bags with no vacuuming. It comes with a wide sealing line which prevents air leakage. It also comes with a unique pulse controlling feature that allows one to control how much to vacuum before sealing the food bag. One can easily vacuum it until the content of the bag gets extremely close to the seal.

In Use:

I literally had a week’s worth of fish to be sealed when this unit arrived. Thankfully, it arrived in one piece, and it was easy to use as well. It took me about a minute to figure out everything. So, I was off to work right away. I was able to seal the fish and other foods on the go in a very short amount of time. All I had to do is slide the food bags in and seal. That’s it! The seal holds pretty well. Truthfully speaking, it already paid itself within the first few months of use.


The automatic sensors work fine, and the attachments work nicely for marinating meats. Because of its nice design and compact look, it can be left on the counter without being an eyesore. The unit has an inbuilt space to store extra bags. It’s one of the most affordable vacuum sealers out there on the market today. So, if you choose to get one, it won’t create a dent in your bank account. Moreover, it’s easy to clean the unit as well.


The instruction manual sucks, to say the least. Also, if you are appliance challenged, you may require some time for finding the correct area to place the bags for vacuuming. That being said, it’s no rocket science to get started with this vacuum sealer. Overall, the price of this unit is too good to pass up. I have seen costlier ones perform less efficiently than this one. Go for it, if you want to save money in the long run.

4. Geryon Vacuum Sealer Machine

Our Rating: [usr 4.2] (4.2/5)
Vacuum Strength 12L/min
Vac/Sealing Time 10~20s
Weight 2.2 lbs

For the absolute cheapest and functional vacuum sealing system, you won’t have to visit a far flung corner of China. The Geryon Compact Automatic Vacuum Sealing System is cheap, functional, and durable too. In fact, it’s one of the cheapest vacuum sealing units out there on the market today.

Product Features:

Don’t let the cheap price fool your senses. The product arrives with a full starter kit which includes a pack of 1 vacuum roll and 5 pre-cut food bags. So, you can start to seal your foods securely almost immediately after opening the parcel. Unlike other similar products, this vacuum sealer works with different types of bags. It works great for long term preservation of non-food items as well such as magazines, clothing, etc. It’s well-made, and there are only three buttons to use —seal, vacuum seal, and stop. Easy as pie! Isn’t it?

In Use:                                                 

Meat storage saves me the most money with these vacuum sealers. I have saved meat for months by vacuum sealing it with this unit. Once you have the meat frozen in an air free environment in a nice thick food bag that comes with the order, you can forget the meat for months and come back at a later date to find it still fresh. Of course, it won’t be as significantly fresh as first-day meat, but I have noticed a remarkable difference between vacuum sealed freezing and regular non-vacuum sealed freezing. This machine does a great job of locking the freshness of the foods. Believe it or not, the difference can be like night and day.


It comes with an easy-to-read manual which makes the learning curve with the food bag a less challenging affair for first-time users. Its small size along with its lightweight makes it an easy to store item. Better yet, it will take the least amount of space in your kitchen. Moreover, the vacuum cleaner has a lifetime warranty to it.


Cleaning the unit can prove to be a bit of a hassle since you can’t simply rinse it off. Moreover, it’s not an ideal tool for preserving any kind of liquid. Overall, it’s a nice little unit that can prove to be a good food saver tool in your kitchen. It’s totally worth the small investment that it’s asking for.

5. Crenova Vacuum Sealer

Our Rating: [usr 4.3] (4.3/5)
Power -80KPa pressure
1 Year Warranty  
Weight 304 Stainless Steel

Your foods don’t stay fresh for long? Well, don’t blame your wife anymore. I plead guilty over here. I did the same in the past when our grocery bill didn’t seem right month after another. Like most Americans, we were wasting a good portion of our food. It all stopped when we brought home the Crenova VS100 Vacuum Sealing System. This unit keeps foods fresh up to 6 times longer. Let’s dig into the profile of this vacuum sealer to know more about it.

Product Features:

It arrives at the doorsteps with a starter kit which includes Starter Kit includes 5 pieces of Heat-Seal Bags and 5pcs of Heat-Seal Bags. It comes with a nice suction power, and it seals the bags nice and perfect. The pulse bottom offers one full control over the amount of vacuum to be applied to the bags. It leaves little to no footprints and the stainless steel finish makes it a nice countertop product.

In Use:

This unit is a powerhouse. It suctions all the air from the food bags in a matter of few seconds, and it seals the opening really tight. Moreover, it didn’t turn out to be as loud as I expected it to be. It’s only when you get one of these units, you realize how much food was being wasted in the past. I no longer regret my fishing hauls on good days. I know that I will be able to preserve them for a long time. I keep reusing the same bags by cutting them off a little every time.


It features a sleek, modern look. It has a high-end look and feel to it. Moreover, it doesn’t take up a lot of space. It keeps food fresh for long and eliminates its wastage. Its use is not limited to food preservation. It can be used to preserve other household items as well such as letters, liners, artifacts, etc. The product manufacturers allow for a return within the one year warranty period.


Although it can be used for sealing and protecting nonfood items as well, the maximum width allowed on the machine is 28 cm. So, it won’t accept bags beyond 28 cm. This isn’t a major strike against this vacuum cleaner because most products operate in the same range. Also, it lacks the drip trays, which generally facilitate easy cleaning. In my opinion, these minor drawbacks can be overlooked for a functional and reliable vacuum sealer in a budget.

Final thoughts

As we conclude, let me give you a quick round up on these products.

If you want to stay on top of things with a touch of modernity to it, you can get the FoodSaver 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System 4800 Series and seal all your food items on the go. Beware! You might fall in love with this machine.

If you are prepared for a heavy and bulky unit, then bring home the Weston Pro-2300 Stainless Steel Vacuum Sealer. Although it’s heavy and pricey, nothing can match the functionality of this commercial grade vacuum sealer. It’s clearly the king of the jungle.

If you want something without a high price tag to keep all the foods fresh, then go for the Kiartten Vacuum Sealer. This unit is too good to be ignored for its price point.

Affordable, cheap, and durable, the Geryon Compact Automatic Vacuum Sealing System is another low range product worth considering. Yes, this easy-to-use unit can solve all your food storage issues without being heavy on your wallet.

Finally, if you need something for everyday use, the Crenova VS100 Vacuum Sealing System can prove to be a great kitchen companion for you. It can stand up to a lot of use, and its modern look will surely enhance the décor of your kitchen.


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