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A grill is only the first step to becoming a grill master. These accessories range from tools to use as well as barbecuing essentials.

4 Best Meat Tenderizers: Top Products Reviewed

Other than honing my cooking skills, I need to partly thank all the tools that helped me raise the bar of cooking. Truthfully speaking, I juggled a lot to come across the best meat tenderizers out there. Yes, that’s one of the secret weapons that gives me a distinct... read more

The 5 Best Vacuum Sealers on the Market

I really hate wasting food. So, this proved to be a worthwhile investment. No carry over foods ever got wasted in my kitchen. Truthfully speaking, I can’t imagine my kitchen without it. By increasing the product shelf life and by reducing product loss, this item pays... read more

The 5 Best Instant Read Thermometers of 2018

In the process of finding a instant read thermometer, I smelled the rat, spotted the scam, and found out the rotten apples too. Luckily, I had encounters with some really good products too. I still own one unit, and the remaining good ones were given away at no cost... read more

Become a Pitmaster: Best Meat Injectors of 2018

A couple of years ago, my zest for passionate cooking introduced me to these seasoning injectors, and ever since I have not looked back. Believe it or not, you will never know what you are missing, unless you try them out. The results come out fantastic almost every... read more

Chop Like a Pro: Best Butcher Knives of 2018!

They say, “Life is ridiculously short to carry a dull knife.” For someone like me who enjoys his time in the kitchen, it’s not a weapon, but a staple toy. I don’t care if it’s Chinese, Japanese, or an American knife, I just need it to be FREAKING sharp. A sharp knife... read more

Perfect Patties: The Best Hamburger Press of 2018

I am a big time foodie. I take full responsibility of my ever-growing waistline. Even when my bank balance didn’t look good, I never offended my stomach. Much to my wife’s surprise, I ate as if money was no object. No, I am not nuts. I have always been that way. The... read more

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