The 5 Best Cutting Boards of 2018

Oct 8, 2017 | Accessories

We have put the best cutting boards to test to compile this review.  To begin with, we interviewed a bunch of industry experts. Based on their recommendations, few products were shortlisted and put to use. Believe it or not, the best among them made it to this review. Basically, we had to discard a lot of products to come up with these finalists. So, let’s cut the chase and begin with this tried and tested cutting board review.

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Good Grips

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Rating[usr 4.4][usr 4.6][usr 4.1][usr 4.4][usr 3.7]
MaterialNonporous, durable polypropyleneWalnut, Cherry, and Maple HardwoodWood CompositeBamboo/WoodPlastic
Dishwasher Safe?YesNoYesNoNo

Summary Tables

Best Cutting Boards of 2018!

1. OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board

Our Rating:  [usr 4.4] (4.4/5)
Dimensions 10 1/2 by 14 1/2″
Material Nonporous, durable polypropylene
Dishwasher Safe? Yes

The OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board is one of the highly recommended cutting boards among professional chefs and homemakers alike. This doesn’t mean that your judgment to grab this efficient kitchen tool will be completely nightmare free.

Don’t worry; there aren’t any major flaws with this product. However, there are some minor hiccups that you might encounter along the way. To get to the meat of the matter, let’s proceed with the review to learn more about the product.

Product Features:

According to the product manufacturers, the product is constructed from thick polypropylene. Also, both sides are nonporous and odor resistant. Better yet, it won’t be discard-worthy after repeated use because the material is scratch-resistant for the most part. Moreover, the cutting board won’t mess up with your kitchen knives. So, dull knives would be out of the question over here.

Furthermore, OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board is thoughtfully constructed to offer a generous cutting, chopping, and dicing space. It’s a heavy duty item that’s suitable for rigorous chopping. Better yet, it features non-slippery handles for efficient lifting and carrying. Now, let’s see if this kitchen tool escapes these product features or does it win our vote of confidence.

In Use:

Here’s the first impression. It’s stylish enough to fit today’s kitchen decor. Better yet, it’s not too big or too small in size. It’s somewhere in between, which is nearly perfect for kitchen work and efficient storage. It can easily handle extensive daily chops and cuts.

Unlike other inferior products, it doesn’t slide all over the place while you cut. So, it does offer the necessary stability at work. Also, it’s relatively lightweight, so it makes chopping quite easy. The best part is that the board hasn’t failed yet despite being used extensively for nearly ten months.


Unlike the competition, this utility cutting board is dishwasher safe. So, you can throw it in a dishwasher and finally get rid of the cleaning chore. Furthermore, it doesn’t easily stain, and it’s easy to store this tool.

Given its features and durability, it’s sold at an affordable price point. Compared to other plastic boards, this product will hold up well against routine knife abuse. So, one won’t have to worry about excessive scratches and other damages.


Although it does hold up well against abuse, minor signs of scratches would be apparent over a period of time. Make no mistake; this won’t impact its performance. Of course, it won’t look like a brand new piece with the visible scratches on the body.

For the price point, don’t expect your investment to last forever. You might want to get a new one once in every few years. This is pretty normal with cutting boards. So, we won’t consider this as a major strike against the product. Overall, this cutting board can be considered without any arguments.

2. Woodworker’s Classic Butcher Block Cutting Board

Our Rating: [usr 4.6] (4.6/5)
Dimensions 8″ by 14″
Material Walnut, Cherry, and Maple Hardwood
Dishwasher Safe? No

For someone with a small kitchen space, this cutting board would prove to be a safe bet. The board is solid, thick, and built to survive. As you may have guessed by now, some guys may find it a tad bit small for daily use, but it’s quite beautiful and functional. Let’s get into the product features to know more about the product.

Product Features:

This cutting board is made from high-quality wood, which is knife-friendly for the most part. Also, it doesn’t harbor organisms and bacteria. So, one can expect the board to be in top shape for years to come. Better yet, all the cutting boards from the maker are treated with natural food safe oils after a smooth sanding. Above all, it’s FDA approved for home and commercial use with food.

In Use:

It’s more than a cutting board. It’s a piece of art. It’s one of the best cooking cutting boards we have ever owned. Also, it’s as smooth as it can get. Furthermore, it offers a solid cutting surface. The small size does not detract its usability for the most part.

Unlike other wood cutting boards, it didn’t weigh a ton. Moreover, it does hold up like a champ. We have used sharp Japanese knife on this board, and we never encountered cracking or chipping of woods. We are pretty sure that it will last a long time.


Look wise, it’s not a shame. So, you won’t feel the need to keep it in a lower drawer. Its artistic looks will go well with any type of kitchen interior you can think about.

On the sanitary front, it’s preferred over the plastic ones out there since this one is made from wood. Furthermore, it has a non-slippery base to cut meats, veggies, fruits, and other stuff like a breeze.


This cutting board is not dishwasher safe. Also, it does demand a fair amount of maintenance. It would require oiling at least once a month for life. After all, it’s a professional grade tool, so it should be treated as such. Above all, it’s wood, so one should expect some wear and tear over a period of time.

Despite the minor drawbacks, you will easily fall in love with the product for what it is. Therefore, you won’t break your promise of not buying any crappy item online by considering this cutting board. In our opinion, it’s worth a shot. It’s beautifully crafted for small kitchen jobs.

3. Epicurean Prep Series Cutting Board

Our Rating: [usr 4.1] (4.1/5)
Dimensions 17 by 11″
Material Wood Composite
Dishwasher Safe? Yes

In our quest to find the last cutting board you will ever need to buy, we landed on yet another marvel. The Prep Series Cutting Boards by Epicurean is definitely a cut above the scope. Hence, we found it worth our recommendation. So, is this cutting board the ultimate kitchen tool for food preparation? Let’s find out in a short while as we dig deeper into the product details.

Product Features:

The product is made from naturally renewable or recycled materials. It’s knife friendly, so this cutting board will not dull your knife. So, you can park your worries about damaging your favorite knife. Also, you won’t have to worry about bacteria colonizing on the surface because it’s nonporous.

The product is heat resistant up to 360 degrees. This is another distinct feature that sets it apart from the competition. Also, the product has a very thin profile making it easy to haul. Since it’s made from high-quality wood, it’s also maintenance free for the most part.

In Use:

We found the product nice to cut on. The unique surface stance makes it easy to smoothly slice through anything you are cutting. It’s pretty lightweight too, so it’s easy to carry or grab. Moreover, this kitchen equipment can be easily hanged or stored without any fuss.

We used it for nearly a year, and it has stayed flat all this time. It required minimal TLC, and it has shown only minor wear and tear. Other than a few subtle scratches, this product has no other visible signs of damage. On the whole, it held up well against all kinds of kitchen tests.


Both sides of the cutting board can be put to effective use. One side can be used as a work surface, while the other side can be used to cut and chop all items. Moreover, it’s very thin and lightweight. So, storing them will never cause you a headache.

The Prep Series Cutting Boards by Epicurean is dishwasher safe. So, they can be effortlessly sanitized in any dishwasher out there. Also, this cutting board is not formulated in any far fleet corner of China. It’s made in the USA, and it meets all the necessary forestry guidelines.


Right off the package, the product will release an unpleasant formaldehyde smell. If you are sensitive to smells, you may not be able to tolerate it. However, this is a temporary hassle. The smell dissolves quickly after the first wash.

Overall, this cutting board can prove to be one of your favorite go-to kitchen tools. It does have the ability to impress users with its usability, functionality, and ease of use.

4. Mountain Woods Butcher Block Cutting Board

Our Rating: [usr 4.4] (4.4/5)
 Dimensions 15 by 12″
Material Bamboo/Wood
Dishwasher Safe? No

If you are looking for an extra thick wood cutting board, you have landed in the right spot. Given its thickness and strong built, the Mountain Woods 15-by-12-Inch Butcher Block Cutting Board would fit the bill perfectly over here. It’s one of those deals, which is deemed too good to be true. Oh, really? Let’s find out through this review.

Product Features:

This product is made from black wood and maple. It offers a spacious working area. Plus, the high-quality material makes it a durable piece of kitchen equipment. So, it can be put to daily use in the kitchen.

It’s reversible, which implies that one can use both sides of the cutting board. For easy gripping, it has finger grooves on the side. Better yet, it’s deemed safe to be used with foods.

In Use:

It has a solid weight to it to keep the tool from rocking while at use. Yes, it does hold well, and the smooth finish makes the job easier.  Make no mistake; it’s not super heavy, yet very durable. Also, the wood was softer than what we imagined.

The built-in side handles come really handy during haul. After six months of heavy usage, the board still looks pleasant, and its performance is up to the mark. We must admit that it’s perfectly accurate to the item description for the most part.


It’s a tough piece of wood. The product can easily stand up to a lot of slicing and dicing. So, it can be used on a regular basis. Yes, it’s nice, sturdy, and durable enough to withstand daily knife use.

Above all, it’s attractive even when it’s not in use. Yes, it looks pretty exquisite in person. Compared to the products in the same spectrum, this one is less susceptible to denting, scratching, and other damages.


The product is not meant to be dish washed because it can cause the wood to shrink. Also, one would require mineral oil to prevent the wood from drying out. So, expect to spend some time on maintenance. As such, the product arrives with the directions for care.

On the whole, the product doesn’t disappoint. In fact, it won’t be an understatement to claim that the Mountain Woods 15-by-12-Inch Butcher Block Cutting Board is one of those products that’s born to impress.

5. CounterArt Flexible Cutting Mat

Our Rating: [usr 3.7] (3.7/5)
Dimensions 11 1/2 by 15″
Material Plastic
Dishwasher Safe? No

The CounterArt Flexible Cutting Mat is a unique item in its league. The ultra-flexible plastic cutting map is perfect for all kinds of food preparation. Spare a few more minutes and read till the end to know about this versatile cutting mat. Let’s begin with the product features.

Product Features:

The product is shipped in a pack of 4 — one for every food group. They all have different colors with little labels on the top. So, it leaves no room for cross-contamination of meat and other food items. Moreover, they are made from a high-quality plastic material, which can last for several years and beyond. Its flexibility is one of its strong points. It will help you easily transport the chopped food items from the cutting mat to the cooking bowl or food processor. Everything goes into the bowl like a breeze without any spillage because you can easily bend the mat to fit into the mouth of the bowl.

In Use:

From our testing, we can state that they are durable enough for sharp knives. Yes, they withstood the test of time with some of the sharpest knives we owned. Moreover, they are so lightweight that four of them combined weighed far less than a wood cutting board. Cleaning was never a hassle with these plastic cutting mats. They were thrown right into the dishwasher for easy and effortless clean up. Despite being plastic, they don’t show signs of wear and tear easily.


They are more cost-effective and versatile than any other product in its class. Moreover, they arrive in bright colors, which are pleasing to the eyes. Plus, they are very easy to store in your kitchen cabinet. The CounterArt Flexible Cutting Mat would prove to be more sanitary than all other cutting boards out there. Also, the mats are odor free and lightweight. Unlike other inferior plastic cutting boards, you don’t have to hold these down to keep them flat.


Some degree of learning curve would be required over here, especially if you are used to a wooden cutting board. Some people choose to place a wood cutting board below these plastic mats to cut short the learning curve. You can use it in a similar fashion until you get a good hang of the product. Overall, the CounterArt Flexible Cutting Mat is worth getting. By far, they are cost-effective and a highly functional kitchen tool. In a nutshell, they are good quality stuff sold at an affordable price point.

Round-Up of the Best Cutting Boards

To cut back your work, let us sum up the review for you.

The OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board features nonporous and non-skidding surface. It can be used from both sides, and it will last for years to come. Moreover, it resists scratches and other damages. Better yet, it’s affordable too. So, this cutting board can be considered for all these glittering reasons.

The Woodworker’s Classic American Hardwood Butcher Block Cutting Board can prove to be a wonderful alternative for solid plastic boards. This wooden board is perfect for small kitchen owners who are possessive about their favorite knives.

If you are one of those environmental fuzzy guys out there, you can’t afford to miss the Prep Series Cutting Boards by Epicurean. It’s beautifully crafted to be a perfect cutting board, which is friendly for all types of knives.

The Mountain Woods 15-by-12-Inch Butcher Block Cutting Board could be your kitchen friend on several fronts. Money wise, space wise, and on the usability front, it won’t disappoint. Furthermore, it’s durable enough to withstand heavy kitchen use.

The CounterArt Flexible Cutting Mat with Food Icons is the most cost-efficient and versatile from the bunch. You can forget about food contamination for life by owning this kitchen tool. The product’s flexibility is its selling point too. It makes it super easy to transfer foods from the plastic mat to the pan or bowl.

Class dismissed for now. Hopefully, you have been able to decide which cutting board is best for your needs. So, go ahead and get one for yourself. Oh yes, happy shopping!

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